What’s New at Tartooful?


“Forest” Body and Bath Treats by Margot Elena

What’s new at Tartooful, you may ask?  It’s true, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here (and I promise good Trollbeads things are coming next post)…


Recycled Cashmere Scarves by Vancouver’s own Winterluxe

imageToday I just wanted to show you a few of the treats that we’ve been busily bringing in for the upcoming holiday season at Tartooful.  We’ve found so many lovely treasures to delight everyone on your list…

From cuddly cashmere, to darling mice, fragrant body treats, sparking artisan jewellery and of course Marvis toothpaste from Italy…. there are so many treats in store now at Tartooful!



Maileg mice in Matchboxes from Denmark


Vincent Massey Ceramics


Pixies by Maileg of Denmark

There are so many other sweet treats in store, do drop by to enjoy all the holiday goodies… See more at tartooful.com









Trollbeads Inspiration: Glass like Water


IMG_8762Have you ever looked out across a calm stretch of water and been reminded of the clear smoothness of glass?  Well, today when I designed this bracelet I thought the reverse: that the glass looked as clear and liquid as water…


IMG_8758There’s something magical about glass… looking into it, touching it, photographing it – there’s a visceral reaction that one experiences when interacting with it.  Perhaps it’s simply the shimmering beauty… or maybe it’s the knowledge that it was born out of fire in a complex artistic and chemical process…

IMG_8761but I think that there’s at least a possibility that we subconsciously associate glass with water.  When you hold a glass bead up to the light, doesn’t it feel to you as though you are somehow, miraculously, holding a droplet of water?  The monkey part of my brain never fails to be delighted and gobsmacked just by the appearance of it.

IMG_8759Today’s bracelet is meant to evoke the tranquil mood of a calm, quiet, early morning ocean.  The soft blues and greys are the sky and water, meeting in an invisible line at the horizon.  The Dichroic glass dots of “Trinity” are the flashes of light that sparkle on the edge of the water’s waves as they rise and fall gently in the morning sun.

IMG_8760There are pebbles on the beach at the edge of the bay that shimmer wetly in the morning light and the sun’s rays are already warm on your face, despite the early hour… it feels like the break of what will become hot summer’s day.  Later, the blues may deepen to a blistering turquoise and the yellows may become citrus bright and sharp… but now, the light is still velvety soft.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Water Lock”, “Crown Chakra”, “Beach”, “Rolling Waves”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “Silver Trace, Beige Blue”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Unique Amber”, “Trinity”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Chalcedony”, “Ocean”, “Honey Dawn”, “Unique”, “Unique Amber”, “Silver Mountain”, “Gentle Waves”, “Scirocco”, “Unique”.


PS Don’t forget that this week we are participating in the Spring Bracelet Event! Select a decorative lock priced CAD$48-$72 and receive the sterling foxtail chain valued at CAD$48 at no charge.  Purchase your lock online at Tartoofultoo Online Shop and simply let us know in the notes which length of chain you prefer, or Email us at tartooful@gmail.com or ring us at 604-924-0122 for a personal touch.



The perfect gift for an active family…

Salming’s Floorball sticks are so much fun…

If you’re looking for a great gift for the sport enthusiast on your list – or maybe a whole family of them – we have a terrific selection right now of Salming Floorball gear.  These affordable, lightweight, tough and ultra cool sticks and balls are tons of fun and build solid hockey skills just about anywhere.  The family can play in the yard, at the park, on the tennis court, in the snow, in the gym, at the beach, in the driveway… A floorball kit + any playing surface = happy kids.  The sticks are engineered for safety, so you don’t need any other special equipment to get started – just lace up your runners and get ready to go.

The sticks, balls and other gear can be purchased individually, or you can choose from several kits that we’ve built with different situations in mind:

The “Go play outside” kit:

3 x sticks of varying sizes,  3 x floorballs &  a handy carrybag that stores the gear safely away.

Regular price $200 now on SALE $149

The “Family that Plays Together” Kit:

4 adult sticks, (two righties & two lefties), 4 kids sticks (two & two), eight balls and a toolbag to store all the gear.

Regular price $444 now on SALE $375

The “Most Popular House in the Neighbourhood” Kit:

This is the perfect kit for family cottages, churches, schools, or families with school age kids that they’d like to have round the house a little more!  Skip the latest video gaming system  – wouldn’t you rather spend the Christmas dollars on a healthy, super cool  sports activity that the family can share?!

6 adult sticks, 6 bantam sticks, 6 kids sticks, 20 balls and a generous toolbag to store the whole kit & kaboodle.

Regular price $999 now on SALE $775

…or come chat with us about what your individual needs are, and we’ll construct a custom kit, just for you.