Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue Christmas

Today at the shop we had some fun toying with the new limited edition Christmas beads, making up some “play” bracelets… This “Blue Christmas” design makes me think of my Mum, as she adored rich blues and always wore a stunning lapis lazuli and gold ring.

However, royal blue and gold is a classic, old-world combination, which speaks to the richness of the season.  This bracelet has many wonderfully detailed glass beads, and lots of silvers with touches of gold.  We also included the brand-new silvers “maternity” and “Mistletoe”.  Previous years’ Christmas releases that appear on this composition include “Gold-Silver Trace”, and “Sparkling Star”.

I was particularly delighted to find the perfect “Trinity” with a warm golden dichroic glass stone… It beautifully carries on the gold theme,  echoing the clear honey colored “Unique Amber” bead, and of course all the touches of gold in the silvers… There are even subtle gold shimmers in the designs of the limited edition Blue Christmas beads – in this photograph you can just see the soft, metallic gold swirl.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Gold Heart Clasp”, “18k stopper”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “Mistletoe”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “Trinity”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “Maternity”, “Unique Amber”, “Around The World 18k & silver”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “2+2 gold and silver”, “Gold Silver Trace”, “Sparkling Star”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “Stars 18k and silver”, “LE Blue Christmas 2011”, “18k stopper”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue & Gold 2011

We’ve started to play with the new Winter 2011 beads, and so far the combination that is singing to us the most has to be the new Blue Diamond Bead with gold….

This rich and royal composition is warm, glowing and dramatic.  We’ve added several amazing gold and silver beads to create an over-the-top statement bracelet that one could enjoy every day…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Silver Double Lobster Clasp”, “Gold Spacer (retired)”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Stars”, “Trollstone – blue (retired)”, “Smoky Quartz”, “2+2 gold & Silver”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Grey Prism”, “Mistletoe”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Around the World gold and silver”, “Milky Way”, “Gold Spacer (retired)”.

In this design I relish the complementary tones of the warm golden browns and the rich cobalt blue… this shade of blue can be difficult to wear, particularly close to the face, but warmed by the gold in this composition it becomes quite approachable.  One bead that plays a pivotal role in this design is the Blue Trollstone.  Now retired, most Trollstones were a circus blend of pastel colours – so this blue example is quite unusual and very collectible.  It contains flecks of warm golden colour, making this bead almost feel like Lapis Lazuli… it ties together the blue and golden brown in this bracelet perfectly.

It’s a joy to play with so many beautiful beads all in one bracelet, and trying it here has inspired me to try other compositions with gold… stay tuned!


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