Trollbeads Inspiration: Everyday Beautiful


I adore this bracelet… everything about it appeals to me, from the soft and wearable palette, to the seductive glass and stones… to the rare, retired silvers that give it its rhythm.  it’s wonderful!

IMG_5492This remarkable “Labradorite” feels to me like a keystone element of the bracelet.  The brilliant, aqua flash in the stone is just stunning and perfectly sets the tone for the entire bracelet design.  Tartooful customer RC has artfully picked up the colour refrain across the entire bracelet, but also utilized muted neutrals to maintain a calm, subtle and sophisticated palette.  “Labradorite” is a perennial favorite for us at Tartooful and this design displays just how breathtaking this natural stone can be.

IMG_5489RC’s collection boasts some gorgeous, elusive designs… as this “Tourmalated Quartz” can testify.  This stone was acquired by many serious collectors with a black & white design theme in mind.  However, we’ve

IMG_5483found over time that it is most successfully deployed as a grey bead, in softer palettes, where its unique texture can stand out and be appreciated.  In stark black and white designs it feels unsatisfyingly muddy, as it’s simply too organic.  Here it shines among other greys, oysters, taupes, plums and delicate, celadon blue.

IMG_5484RC has chosen a few, perfectly on palette uniques to help gel the overall colour theme.  The unique above features what we call “Beautiful blue” – not quite Tiffany, Turquoise or Bird’s Egg – as well as the most subtle imaginable plum.  It beautifully ties together all the key colours.  The unique at right nicely draws in the more olive tones that are found in the Labradorite and the glitters…

IMG_5491I love how RC’s plums are so understated and natural.  This is not a purple bracelet.  Note the iridescent haze of plum that shines on this Limited edition “Peacock Pearl”… the plum undertone in its neighbouring unique,  and the hint of plum in her unusual specimen of “Blue Desert”.

IMG_5487It’s a wonderful reminder that fabulous beads can come from all parts of the Trollbeads collection – regular stock items often offer fascinating diversity of appearance.  Each glass truly does show the hand of its artist maker.


Everyday design… but far from boring!


All beads from RC’s private collection.

IMG_5485I can’t sign off on this entry without mentioning the Limited Edition, Mint Jasper Stone bead.  It’s a lovely creamy colour of celadon green, and, of course, very rare, desirable and elusive.  Here RC places it near the center of the bracelet, where it can shine in the spotlight.  The very green “Urchin” next to it basks in its glow!








My Trollbeads Today…

photo 3 copy

Today the kids are heading back to school for Spring term… the sun is shining… trees are blooming in the garden… and my bracelet for today feels like the new season!

photo 2I just had to share this recent bracelet design, as I am enjoying wearing it so much.  I adore the softest shades of blue, from periwinkle to aqua.  This bracelet incorporates my deeper teals, but really celebrates the lighter blues that give me such joy.  Many of the beads on this design are very humble, but old favorites nonetheless – a couple of “Blue Deserts”, a “Silver Mountain”, a “Light Blue Shadow”… and then there are a couple of the celebrated, tiny new uniques that helped to refresh the whole design!

photo 1 copy

Clockwise from clasp:  “Magical Lamp”, “Etruscan” (retired), “New Unique 2014”, “Light Blue Shadow” (retired), “Neither Fish Nor Bird, Large” (retired), “Blue-Green Feather” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “King & Queen” (retired), “Chalcedony” (retired form), “Trinity”, “Silver Mountain”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Carved Flowers” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “New Unique 2014”, “Cells” (retired), “Deep Bubbles” (retired), “Sandi” (retired).

The brilliant, little, swirly bubble feels like a relative of the beloved “Azure Bubbles”, and my most recent addition is a very pale blue with what feels like mother of pearl patterning.  (Wonderful!) Many people ask about the bead that is at 5 o’ clock on the bracelet above… a celadon green bead with gold sparkle, it’s a very odd “Blue Desert” that I was delighted to discover.  However, in my opinion it’s the retired Chalcedony that steals the show… I love how it glows between the two dichroic glass beads.

What are your Trollbeads today?