Is Your Trollbeads Collection Conceptual or Practical?


It’s a question that has arisen more than a few times over the past couple of weeks… is your Trollbeads collection more “Conceptual” or “Practical”?  If this isn’t a topic that you’ve considered before, you may not be familiar with the dilemma.

buddha_braceletWe’ve noticed over the years that there are certain bead designs, and types of compositions that lend themselves to daily wear – the white tees and blue jeans of the Trollbeads collection, if you will.  Then there are other bead designs that are destined only for more occasional wear.  What’s a Trollie with broad tastes to do?


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.47.53 PM“The Buddha Bracelet” – by MS – photographed at Tartooful 2010.

py-12We’ve remarked before on beads that are best enjoyed as tiny, perfect sculptures.  Examples include the “Seer” the “Buddha”, and the “Juggler”.  They invite display on a acrylic stand – imagine how fascinating to have a grouping of these miniature objets d’art on a side table.

Understand that I love these beads… everything about them – flat bottoms and all.  In my collection there is room for all sorts of beads; daily use ones as well as the ones that I will enjoy viewing more than wearing.  That is truly the heart of the matter.

py-9“Alice in Wonderland” bracelet design by PY, photographed at Tartooful 2012.

tibet-scurve“The Tibet Bracelet” by JR photographed at Tartooful 2012

Whether it’s a single bead, or an entire composition that only gets worn on occasion, the important thing is to enjoy your collection.  Enjoy wearing those go-to designs, those “Practical” pieces that work effortlessly with your busy life… and equally enjoy those “Conceptual” ones that give you joy every time you glance at your dressing table.  Like a fabulous pair of stilettos, or the perfect shade of red lipstick, those trickier bracelets are just right for certain occasions.

midnight-circle“Midnight Blue Bracelet” by Tartooful November 13th, 2012

So give yourself permission to let go of any misplaced guilt, and revel in those compositions every day when you see them, knowing they will be waiting for you when the moment is right.

Today we’ve offered some fabulous examples of more “Conceptual” designs – total eye candy!  Stay tuned tomorrow for an equally beautiful bracelet that is destined for everyday enjoyment.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Candy Bracelet


This Trollbeads bracelet design is a dose of simple sweetness!

candy2When the colours are this bright and bold, one doesn’t need a full bracelet to make a clear statement.  With stripes and dots, flowers and ribbons…not to mention turquoise, orange, coral, pink and raspberry… this composition is playful and fresh, just the way it is.  I wouldn’t add a thing!





Trollbeads Inspiration: KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)


kiss2It’s not often that I build compositions with brilliant, clear colour, but the arrival of a shipment of two tone, Limited Edition Armadillos inspired me to play!  Colour this saturated needs other strong colours that can match their intensity.  I love the rhythm that is created by repeating the armadillo pattern in an array of colours – think classic

kiss3“candyland” lollipops!  The striped patterning is whimsical and playful, and a perfect match for the exuberant colour palette.  I was reluctant to add too much in contrast to the Armadillos, so I kept the silvers very bold, very clean, very simple.  Two pythons in brilliant tones help to break up all the stripes and give the eye a little break, without being too complicated.  A caramel coloured amber and “Turquoise Stripe help to integrate the colours of the pythons, and keep the composition balanced.  Finally, I selected a “Plain Lock” to keep the overall effect as simple as possible.


clockwise from clasp:  “Plain Lock”, “Turquoise Ribbon”, “Orange Lavender Armadillo”, “Love Within”, “Red Lavender Armadillo”, “Unique”, “Mint Lavender Armadillo”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Red Lavender Armadillo”, “Turquoise Armadillo”, “Red Lavender Armadillo”, “Three Siblings”, “Orange Lavender Armadillo”, “Unique”, “Mint Lavender Armadillo”, “Soft Heart”, “Red Lavender Armadillo”, “Unique Amber”.

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Trollbeads Inspiration: Cristi’s Tropical Holiday Bracelet


IMG_4567This bracelet design by Cristi came together in a flash… she was playing together some new bracelet ideas with her collection, and this palette almost built itself, jumping onto the playtray rod in only a minute or two.  It’s not that it’s so familiar to her – I can’t recall her ever having worn this palette before.  However,  this grouping of

IMG_4569colour drenched beads is so powerful and rich that by following their lead Cristi was able to rapidly create this gorgeous composition.  She scattered the unifying teal and turquoise beads evenly across the bracelet… made sure that the two flame coloured beads were well spaced and balanced on either side of the design… and then filled in the rest

IMG_4568of the bracelet with warm golden glass elements.  Lots of silver allows the eye a chance to pause as it takes in the saturated colour.  Too many glass in a row makes it harder to really “see” each bead as an individual design.  Golden toned beads used here include a lovely unique, Lime Prism, Honey Dawn and the hard-to-place “Power Chakra”


IMG_4570You’ll note that Cristi has placed complementary tones together in each micro composition of glass elements – creating greater colour contrast and a high energy feel to the overall bracelet design.  She centered the Lime Prism, as it is a little different in shape and tone than any of its companions on this bracelet.  This is usually the simplest way to utilize a bead that otherwise might throw off the balance of a design.


As soon as Cristi had teased this joyful design together she declared that it felt like a Tropical getaway… I’d have to agree!