“Santa Baby”…

“Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I don’t mean a phone
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight…”

Ladies, in the mad rush of making the holiday preparations for your whole family – gifts, cards, decorations, meals, baking, entertaining, teacher gifts…(sigh) – don’t let your little treat under the tree be forgotten.  You may want to drop a few pointed hints about Trollbeads, Tokyomilk, or some of our locally designed bags… Or perhaps this is a year for your Santa to bring you a ring?  Nothing else says quite as much…

We have so many stunning, wearable, unique and totally irresistible designs in the shop right now, all of them refreshingly budget friendly… (something Santa really appreciates this time of year!)

Christy Feaver works in sterling silver and features extraordinary stones set in clean, modern designs.  Her semi precious gem stones are selected for their unusual shape and cut as well as their depth of colour and sparkling life.

This amazing ring features a bold setting that holds a most unusual, Tourmalated Quartz stone.  This powerful ring is one of those pieces of jewelry that is “transformative” – it makes one feel a little different, just by putting it on….

Not every powerful ring speaks loudly… these rings are the “Be Series”, designed in honour of my Mother.  These pieces feature five quietly meaningful words that are intended to remind the wearer of their own strength and capability.

Rings are the most personal, and ideally, the most meaningful pieces of jewelry that we wear… and so at Tartooful we have chosen pieces that we feel have the potential to become those dear friends and talismans that are worn everyday….



Some new silver jewelry just arrived which I’m particularly happy to share with you…

These delicate and beautiful pieces are the result of a collaborative design process between Bouton Rouge and Tartooful.  This sterling & natural stone collection features focal words that are meaningful to us at tartooful… that are meant to evoke an ideal to which we aspire.  Each tiny word is nestled somewhere on the piece where the wearer can glimpse it from time to time, but where it remains quite private, so as not to be a statement…


Be Open:  Love, learn, share, grow and rejoice with wild abandon.

Be Now:  Savour and find joy in the unique gift that is your current time and place.

Be Strong:  Embrace challenges with the bold yet calm confidence that what you do not know may be learned.

Be Still:  Take time for clarity and stillness;  pause to seek perspective and wisdom.

Be True:  Consciously choose to daily create the best version of yourself that you can be.


Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s so easy to dismiss the holiday as another example of consumerist nonsense.  Instead let’s take it as a gentle nudge to show our appreciation for all our special people.  It doesn’t take a tacky box of waxy chocolates or a garish card to show someone that you’re glad they’re there; it’s the small gestures that mean a lot.

The key is to think of the one you love and to find a way to show that you’re tuned in to their unique fingerprint as a person.  For one person that might be a batch of homemade cookies… for another a tiny posy of garden blossoms… or perhaps a romantic picnic lunch to be shared in the middle of a busy work day.

If wrapping up a treat is part of your plan for the day, at tartooful we do have lots of goodies for Valentine’s:  lovely Christy Feaver or Bouton Rouge jewelry… Timo glasses (to accompany that bottle of wine)… sweet scents to pamper… funky & functional Astrosatchels… adorable tutus for the smallest of sweethearts… and of course, Trollbeads.  But even so, we try to help select and present the gifts with a personal twist, because a Valentine just isn’t tartooful unless it is heartfelt.

The chocolate and strawberry extravaganza pictured above is an incredibly “tartooful” gift from one of our very favorite people, Nadine.  Those of you who read out blog regularly will probably recall her incredible Trollbeads birthday cake for Cristi, and her beautiful Christmas cookies, complete with bikini-clad gingerbread ladies.  Her latest creation was nestled in a heart-shaped tin, and included traditional Valentine’s candies and chocolate dipped, personalized strawberries for all of us.  Nadine, you’re amazing, and we all feel totally spoiled!  Thank you so much…

Wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day…



Bouton Rouge Leather & Pearls

Pearls & Leather for Autumn 2010 by Bouton Rouge

Local North Vancouver jewelry design firm, Bouton Rouge just launched a new series for Autumn 2010…

These surf-inspired pieces are all based on black leather, and feature the contrasting colours and textures of rough-hewn sterling silver pebbles and smooth, silky peacock pearls.  The pearls are rich in colour, with amazing iridescent tones of violet, indigo and teal…

Like all of Bouton Rouge’s designs, the black leather series is made up of pieces that are perfect for our left-coast lifestyle… comfortable, casual, and effortlessly beautiful.

Bracelets of the Black Leather series