Trollbeads Inspiration: Necklace in Blue


IMG_8670We’ve had lots of questions this Spring about Trollbeads Leathers… how do they work?  What do they feel like?  How to size?  What colours are available and so much more.  I think perhaps some of our collectors are mulling leathers as they offer a completely different

IMG_8661way to design with, and enjoy the beads we all love.  Today I thought I’d play with one of the newer leather colour combinations:  Cyan & key.  This teal and navy leather really pops, whether you compose a simple, neutral coloured design with mostly silver, choose beads with just as much oomph as the leather itself!


IMG_8660I was inspired by the arrival of the new Limited Edition Italian bead, “Party Time”.  This lovely glass has a light glitter base layer, with a thick of clear glass and a blue harlequin pattern.  Hints of aqua green and blue soften the overall look and make it a cinch to combine with all the new, green and turquoise Spring bead designs.


IMG_8663This dotted unique is one of my all time favorite beads… I can’t begin to describe how perfect it is… the blue isn’t quite turquoise, which makes it so much more interesting!  The dots are all just a little bit off kilter too – plum, not purple… vicuna, not yellow, teal, not navy… I just seems to have it’s own quirky little personality, and manages to go with a

IMG_8667ton of colours!  It goes particularly nicely with this yummy butterfly, with it’s cool batik wings.  I was also delighted to be able to place a kite patterned bead on this design that beautifully echoes the Italian Party Beads… such similar colours, just a twist on the same motif.  Note how the blues and greens just glow in the dichroic glass dots of the silvers?  Delicious.


IMG_8662When I composed this piece I intended that it be able to be worn two different ways… I put the Trinity all by itself on one strand of the leather, thinking that it would hang separately if the leather was being worn as a necklace.  Isn’t it perfect how the beads pull the lower strand down just enough for it to create that graduated look?  Of course, one could also wear this piece as a bracelet, simply by twisting the two strands together messily and wrapping the whole thing around the wrist twice.





Trollbeads Inspiration: The Beachglass Bracelet


IMG_0347Have you ever combed a pebble seashore for beach glass?  Those softly beautiful little gems, frosted by years spent among the waves and the rocks, are always a tiny shock as one scans the pebbles.  Mostly we seem to find little green ones, sometimes a white, or an amber brown one.  For a few years following the Tynant water craze I found cobalt blue ones, but they seem to have disappeared now.  However, the most precious and rare ones on our beaches are a gorgeous azure blue.  I’ve never received better gifts than handfuls of painstakingly gathered beach glass… smooth, warm and slightly damp from a child’s eager little hand.

IMG_0348Like those little glass gems, this bracelet started out as quite another thing, but has evolved beautifully into this seashore inspired design.  Originally this bracelet incorporated various pastel designs, and while lovely it wasn’t sitting quite right with its’ owner, local Trollbeads collector KT.

IMG_0349We took some time to play with various palette options, and finally settled on this gentle combination of subtle greens, ivory, and a touch of azure.  One of KT’s signature design elements is to always have a touch of an unexpected colour, to prevent a bracelet design from being too predictable.  In this case she has added two touches of lilac towards the clasp, which gives the design a little extra interest.


This bracelet makes wonderful use of some of KT’s rare and desirable beads, that she blends artfully with production design items.  For example, in the photo above she has combined the production “Inner Glow”, “Urchin”, “Fireflies” and “Green Prism” with the uber luxe unique alabaster amber and one of the recently released Cream Galaxy or Meteor beads.

IMG_0344Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp, “Green Prism”, “Fireflies”, “Unique Cream Galaxy”, “Unique Alabaster Amber”, “Silver Urchin”, “Inner Glow”, “Organic Bubbles”, “Unique Ivory Chess”, “Starfish”, “Blue Desert”, “Unique Bubble”, “Ivory Unique”, “Jellyfish”, “Unique Ivory dot”, “Organic Bubble”, “Inner Glow”, “Frogs”, “Chai Bud” (retired), “Wildcat” (retired), “Green Dot” (retired), “Turquoise Prism”.

Thank you, KT for allowing us to photograph and share this inspiring design…