Saskatoon Sling (wasn’t that a party…)


As most of you know, we are currently showing Fake Plastic Trees, a photography and mixed media exhibit that is a part of the Capture Photography Festival… and last night we celebrated the artist and her work with an opening party.


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the artist… together you made an irresistible chemistry in the room, and the mood was fabulous.  Laughing people, sparkling conversation, good friends – what else could one ask for on a warm Friday night?


How about a little live music?  A very special thank you to Michale Rene Ertzinger who graciously played jazz trumpet for us to wind down the evening.  If you missed his performance, or would like to hear more of his work, please visit his website and enjoy.


Finally, by popular demand here is the recipe we concocted for our signature cocktail for the evening… the “Saskatoon Sling”:

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
2 parts cherry liqueur
4 parts gin
8 parts pineapple juice
2 parts Concentrated and cooled Saskatoon berry tea
Cocktail Umbrella, Swizzle Straw and fruit to garnish

To serve:  Mix lime juice, cherry liqueur, gin and pineapple juice in a pitcher.  Chill.  Pour 1 oz Saskatoon berry tea into bottom of glass.  Add cubed ice.  Pour mixture from pitcher carefully into glass to layer over tea.  Add splash of soda and garnish to taste with fruit.

Where to find Saskatoon Berry Tea in British Columbia?  We found our delicious blend at South Island Saskatoons, in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island.  They were even kind enough to ship to us!

Thank you again to everyone who came out to help us celebrate this beautiful series and the lovely artist who created it!





Fake Plastic Trees: The Photography of Biliana Velkova


Tartooful is honoured to once again host acclaimed local artist Biliana Velkova and her most recent series as a part of the 2016 Capture Photography Festival.

Fake Plastic Trees presents Velkova’s wry observations on the branding and commodification of nature.  She romanticizes, exaggerates, and complicates the exploitation of nature, referencing tourist tropes found throughout the Saskatchewan prairies and Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Velkova lived under the Communist regime until immigrating to Canada in 1991 at the age of fifteen.  Her memories of communism have deeply impacted the way in which she perceives the “West”, leading her to explore issues of capitalism, appropriation, and Western femininity.  Although her interdisciplinary practice focuses on social and political issues from a devastatingly accurate, critical perspective, her delivery is optimistic, witty and affectionate.


From iconic, fake palm trees found throughout Saskatoon to the majestic views of Lake Louise, Velkova’s cinematic photographs celebrate opulence and kitsch.  The glossy images of fake plastic trees create a spectacle from everyday encounters.  Through her Bulgarian lens, Velkova offers a fresh and alternative way of viewing and interpreting the Canadian landscape we thought we knew.

“When an outsider comes to a new place, he sees the picturesque and the freakish, whereas the local sees through layers of emotion and memory” – Walter Benjamin.

Fake Plastic Trees by Biliana Velkova is now showing at Tartooful until April 28, 2016.  Please join us at the gallery for the Opening Celebration, 8th April, 2016 from 7pm.



Biliana Velkova leaves us Breathless…

We are delighted to present a select grouping of recent works by talented artist, Biliana Velkova…

Rigorously trained in both classic and contemporary art techniques, and having recently completed her Masters, Biliana has produced visually stunning, watercolor pieces that take a hard look at the consumerist culture that is a part of our everyday life.

In her “Breathless” series, Biliana appropriates the marketing language usually employed in celebrity perfume campaigns.  The unexpected application of this approach to original artworks with no recognizable brand name reveals the calculated and empty promises of the cosmetic companies.

“Breathless” by Biliana

In a second, related series, Biliana further explores the themes first visited in her 2007 “Must Haves” show held at Tartooful.  Here she examines the phenomenon of the brand logo.  These lovely, ephemeral and pieces observe the contemporary obsession with consumerism with both wry and affectionate wit.


For more information regarding the artwork of Biliana Velkova please visit her page on Tartooful’s site here, or see her site:

…Or come and experience her works in person at the gallery at:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122