Happy Halloween


IMG_7535It’s the spookiest day of the year, and to mark the occasion we’ve pulled out all the stops, creating a bracelet that is pretty both a treat to see and quite tricky to pull together.  (Hee hee…)

Eschewing the usual orange and black concoctions, (which we also love), we decided to play with pale and eerie colours.  Think hand painted black and white photographs, greyed driftwood or dried flowers on bent and broken Autumn stems…


IMG_7528Of course, we couldn’t resist the latest designs from Trollbeads that are apropos at this time of year… the “Sleepy Bat” and the new bat themed decorative lock.  However, we also reached for Halloween stars from previous seasons such as “Inner Glow” and “Skeleton Spirit”.  The skeleton is really such an amazing design… each vertebra is so

IMG_7532lovingly sculpted, and the curve of the back is perfect.  I almost like looking at it’s back best!  The “Bead of Fortune” is one of the other very few designs that features a skull…


The “Trinity” is shimmery spooky lovely and is a fun, tongue in cheek reference to the “Holy Ghost”…

IMG_7527Another fun troll fact:  Melanie noticed recently that the “Spirit of Freedom” is seated in precisely the same pose as the “Skeleton Spirit”.  Could it be that our skeleton friend is intended to really be Peter, but in a form that is just a shadow of his former self?  She has the two beads on the same bracelet for a touch of fabulously dark humour.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Spooky Bat Lock”, “Rosa Pearl”, “White Paper Fold”, “Trinity”, “Unique Amber”, “Engraved Romance”, “The Diamind Bead, White”, “Bead of Fortune”, Silver Mountain”, “Rose Quartz”, “Inner Glow”, “Skeleton Spirit”, “Blizzard”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Silver Mountain”, “Forest Treasures”, “Unique Amber”, “White Steel”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “Sleepy Bat”, “Unique”, “Unique”.

Well, you’ve seen the treat… now it’s time for the trick!  On this bracelet there is not one, but two glow in the dark beads.  The white “Blizzard” bead glows a lovely lavender shade after being exposed to natural light, and the “Inner Glow” is a vibrant green after charging up in artificial light.  We’ve often said that one would have to be very organized and plan ahead to build a bracelet and have them both glowing at the same time!  Aaaand… TA DA!  Happy Halloween everyone!