Trollbeads News Roundup

Lots of news this week in the Trollbeads Universe – they recently announced the winner of the Peoples’ Bead 2011 contest, and today introduced us to their new World Tour collection celebrating the Baltic states.

The announcement about the Peoples’ bead reads:

“We are very proud to announce the winner of Peoples Bead 2011. Maybe not too surprisingly, the fans and collectors voted for ‘Rolling Waves’. 
Denise Tong is our new Trollbeads designer, sharing with us the symbolic image of Rolling Waves.  Not only is the bead graphically beautiful – but it also has an empathic, symbolic message of the strength and unpredictability of our nature.  
Denise Tong is trained as a Chemical Engineer, and also has a degree in Fine Arts – the analytical mind vs. the emotional mind. What seems like a contradiction has given her the ability to see things in different perspectives.  “Inspirations come from everything and everywhere… one just has to be attentive to her surroundings and feelings.  Once an idea is formed, senses are activated, feelings are evoked, the light at the end becomes visible, then it all comes down to mapping a path to the light and trying out different means to make it happen, back track if it doesn’t feel right.  The winning bead is inspired by the tsunami that swept the east coast of Japan and left devastating damages on 11 March 2011″, Denise Tong says.”

We look forward to offering “Rolling Waves” at Tartooful when the Autumn 2011 release happens late this summer!

The new Baltic World Tour beads are dramatic and beautiful… Any Tartooful Trollies going to that part of the world?  The faceted amber is gorgeous, and I’d LOVE to have one of these little mushrooms on my bracelet!

Trollbeads introduces us to the collection:

“We invite you on an unforgettable journey to the Baltic States!
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are called the Baltic Sisters – they have much in common yet they are very different – just as sisters can be!
This collection explores Lithuania – the Baltic Heart.
Take a walk on a beach sparkling with amber, taste the most delicious beer in the world, and cheer on the amazing basketball players’ victories.
At night, take a stroll through Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, and hear the thrilling howl of the iron wolf.”

Of course, closer to home we’re counting down the last few days until the “Little Troll” trunk show:  5 days to go!  Here’s another little teaser of the shimmering beads that are still arriving…  See you there!