Trollbeads Inspiration: Two Beautiful Sisters (Dos Hermanas Hermosas)

I’ve had the pleasure over the past few months of becoming acquainted by email with a pair of Trollbead collectors from Madrid, Spain… These glamorous sisters are witty, down to earth and have an irrepressible enthusiasm and joy that comes bubbling through in every word they write – and of course in the beautiful bracelets that they create.
I’m fascinated by the method that Trollies use in assembling and curating their own personal collections.  We’ve seen so many approaches – truly every bracelet does tell the story of their owner, in one way or another.  However, Lucia and Cecilia’s easy going way of sharing beads back and forth between Sisters stands out as a very rare approach.  Not many of us are willing to part with our beads, even for a short time!  That’s true sisterly love.
In Cecilia’s own words:

“The two sisters have a similar way of choosing beads, when we see a bead we love we want to buy! The difference is that Lucía, when she likes a bead, (like bubbles azure), can not resist buying several, it happens, especially when the beads vary greatly from each other being the same.

Cecilia is more selective, waiting for the perfect.

The problem is that we always buy without thinking about how to combine them with the rest, but then this is also nice, because come unexpected combinations and different every day.

we live together, and we can not resist trying all colors together, usually we change beads (Cecilia takes ones of Lucía and Lucía some of Cecilia) to take for a few days a new bracelet more different than normal.

This, for now, is a particular advantage for Cecilia, who has fewer beads!

We love the colors of Trollbeads, the special beads … this ones have something unusual … so we still have a few silver beads … because we love to combine colors, but we love the silver too! We try to collect first editions limited or retired ones.

All silver beads are from Lucía, some were gifts, the dragon of luck, which transports magical tales of childhood … Indian elephant, symbolizing the country that Lucía has more desire to visit, India!. then have the summer butterfly limited edition, is very delicate, like Lucía, but it takes the color of amber, fire, this bead represents Lucía very well, and also has light shines, as breezes of color, singing in the crystal. Frog Prince, has also to do with the fairy tales of the past … if you kiss the frog becomes a prince 🙂 and lastly, the bead of Hong Kong, who reminds her first role in theater, a geisha!

About the colors, as we will see in the inspirations, Lucía is more forest… shelter… peace…. subtlety… depth… but do not forget the touch of fire, she is strong, with character but very understanding and malleable, vivid, sweet and fragility. She also has a special touch to the colors, and for all the artistic things… since she was a small girl, painted very well (colors) and loved making bracelets, with cloth, with beaded…  The stores of glass beads was passionate, it is normal when finding Trollbeads, inevitably fall in love with this! she also used to do key chains, magnets, animals, earrings, necklaces … everything you can imagine, a quick learner and inventing new ways. And now she is actress (emotions), she is sooo beautiful… little but strong and with lots of shine.

Cecilia need vivid colors, clear, air… is also active and alive, more restless. Needs light and summer, so that inspiration so sweet and powerful. Love the sport and be on the street! is seems extroverted but is shy, has a lot of inner life, sensitive, impulsive, we both look similar in some of this things… She likes children and medicine…”

Utterly delightful!  Thank you so much to Cecilia and Lucia for allowing us a glimpse into their very special family and shared collection…