Trollbeads Inspiration: Autumn 2011

The new Autumn Collection from Trollbeads has been such fun… first the curiosity and excitement of wishing to see the new designs…then the unveiling!  Tartooful was like a carnival on Friday, with lots of happy collectors coming in to visit and see the new beads.  Now, we are all enjoying playing with the new designs to see how they fit in with the rest of the collection.

The warm toned combination shown above includes many beads that have proved to be very easy to integrate into existing collections.  For example, I’m seeing “Dew Drops” find a home on bracelets that range from soft pink, to bronze, to purple, to amber.  “Fireflies” offers a touch of lightness and pulls together a green and purple palette.  “Organic Bubbles” is an extremely variable bead, with colours that might include brown, green, vicuna, and even touches of blue.  For that design, it really depends on the individual bead.  However, like it’s sibling, “Azure Bubbles”, it is fascinating and beautiful.  “Lake Eye” is a lovely gentle green, with a hint of violet in the right light.  So far we have mostly seen it going to green and purple bracelets, but I am looking forward to seeing what new combinations it inspires.

I’m delighted with the two new “Goldstone” beads: they’re rich, sparkling and the colours are gorgeous.  The cinnamon coloured “Goldstone” is glorious paired with bronze and pink, and of course will be spot-on perfect for Fall with ambers and other golden-hued beads.  The “Blue Goldstone” is really different, a deep navy with sparkles of Lapis blue.  One customer has nestled it, along with a “Blue Tiger Eye”, into her black and indigo combination, where they truly sing.  I’ll share customer photos in the next little while – if you have any fresh combinations that you’d like to share please let me know!

Hmmm… it all has me mulling a revamp of my own bracelet!  I’ll keep you posted.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Starter Bracelets III

Winding Path Bracelet

Today the we look at a few more ideas of how to go about the sometime daunting project of starting a Trollbeads bracelet.  Cristi & I were chatting about it today at the shop, and we agreed that it’s really very difficult to go wrong with Troll.  There’s no “right or “wrong” – only bead combinations that make you happy or not.  In this case, it’s all about you…

The “Winding Path” bracelet pictured above showcases the beautiful knot forms that are found in many of the silver beads in the Trollbeads collection.  It includes:  “Freya Knot Lock”, “Black Silk”, “Three in One”, “Brown Dot”, “Three Siblings”, “Milan”, “Lucky Knot”, “Grey Wolf”.  Total:  C$385.00

The Holly Bracelet

This bracelet is one I designed with a dear friend in mind.  She has a knack for living gracefully, for savoring the smallest of everyday details and is a total pleasure every time I see her.  Among her many talents, she is an amazing cook, and shares her passion in her blog: She once told me that she was inspired by the style of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” character, Holly Golightly – hence the bracelet’s name.  This distinctive shade of fuschia makes her heart sing, so her bracelet has lots of it’s rich tones – both in real life, and in the photo above.  The beads include:  “Lace Lock”, “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Heart Print”, “Red Prism”, “Heart”,  “Pink Bud”, “Hearts, Large”, “Red Feather”. Total:C$393

Autumn Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by the golden light of a late afternoon in the Autumn.  The Autumn dangle, with it’s mysterious swirls of subtle colour, makes a wonderful centerpiece… and the golden amber tones of the shoulder beads set this bracelet up perfectly for the addition of rich purple tones, lapis blues or emerald greens.  This bracelet includes:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Translucent Flower”, “Large Berry”, “Autumn Dangle”, “Harvest”, “Beige Flower”.  Total: C$380.00

Winter Bracelet

This bracelet is apropos for the season, but more than that features a classic and very wearable white and gold color theme.  Of course the collector may go on to add other beads in any color that they choose, but clean white is always a dramatic way to begin.  This bracelet includes:  “Flower Pearl Lock”, “Snow”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Winter Dangle”, “Crown Chakra”, “Small Berry”.  Total:  C$355.00

Lavender Bracelet

Lavender is one of my favorite flowers, and one I have fond memories of growing by the bushel in a garden I one had in Victoria.  This bracelet is inspired by lavender and the warm places it grows.  This bracelet includes: “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Pink Desert”, “Hydrangea”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Ladybug”, “Blue Desert”.  Total: C$309.00

If you have any questions about Trollbeads or would like to purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver



Trollbeads Inspiration: a look back at the 2009 collection

The Class of 2009

It seems odd to be taking a look back at a collection of beads that is now an established part of the regular Trollbeads collection… but many of our current Trollies are new enough to the passion that they don’t recall when this series was released.

This grouping of beads was an extraordinary set of designs, and virtually all of the items are among most Trollbead collectors’ favorites.  Classic pieces such as “Khaki Stripe”, “Deep Bubbles”, all the “Desert Beads” and all of the coral toned beads are graduates of this design year.  Of course, the subtle and moody palette of the desert was central theme for this grouping – “Pink Desert”, “Blue Desert” and “Brown Desert” –  but one unexpected detail ties many of the beads together.

If you look closely at a number of the designs you will find that they feature very subtle whispers of an indigo blue.  This blue is tucked into swirls, half hidden in flowers and hinted at in irridescent swirls.  This contrasting colour allows for beads such as “Chocolate Parrot”, “Khaki Stripe” and “Wildcat” to blend surprisingly and beautifully with beads in the blue or purple tones.  Often, the indigo is not visible until the bead is placed next to another of the blue or purple family; then suddenly the blue is clear.  Look closely at the photos below, and you’ll see…

Blend these subtle tones of sand and blue with the juicy colour of coral and you have a classic desert palette.  This collection also featured new natural stones with a smooth finish that are a valuable addition to many bracelets: “Snowflake Obsidian” and “Rose Quartz, round”.  The Silver Beads that were introduced at this time are distinctive and truly different… “High Heel”, “Panda”, “Thor’s Hammer”, and the enormous “Owl” are all strong statements on a bracelet.


Coral Bracelet Inspiration

I recently composed this bracelet for display at Tartooful, and I am loving its combination of coral, gold and soft slate blue.  The coral elements come from the “Coral Stripes”, “Coral Bubbles” and even from the “Pink Prism”, which isn’t really pink at all, but a soft apricot colour.  Slate blue is introduced by the “Blue Desert” and echoed by the flash of the “Labradorite”.  I like the way the coppery shimmer at the base of the “Blue Desert” hints at coral, helping to tie the two colours together.  Golden Quartz gives the bracelet a warm sparkle, and the “Trinity” bead does a beautiful job of further uniting the whole palette, with shimmery notes of blue, coral and gold.  Finally, the warm “Maple Syrup Amber” and “Tigers Eye” offer a darker note, to keep the palette grounded.

I only chose a few silver and gold beads to round out the bracelet:  “Turtles”, the new Zodiac sign “Libra” and the impossibly sweet, golden “Mini Heart”.  “Trinity” gives a note of silver, as well, and the “Troll Tree” clasp is the perfect punctuation for this bracelet inspired by Autumn.


Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace

Trollbeads’ Fantasy Necklace with Pearl

Lately a number of our Trollbeads collectors have noticed the Fantasy Necklaces on display at Tartooful.  I know many ladies have added these pieces to their wishlist for this Holiday season… so it’s time for a little tutorial on how to make use of this unique item of jewellery.

The necklace is a simple, fine, silver chain that comes in varying lengths.  There is no clasp, and each one comes with a pendant attached at the bottom.  Pictured above you’ll see the Fantasy Necklace with pearl, a classic piece that works well for day or evening wear.

The simplest way to use the necklace is to simply slide a bead over the two halves of the chain, down to the pendant where it rests and becomes a focal point.  Several beads may be “stacked” on the pendant in this way, creating a chatelaine effect.  Depending on the beads selected, this can be a very casual look, or quite formal.

In the case of the longer lengths of chain, there is another method of arranging the necklace that creates an entirely different effect.  One makes use of one of Trollbeads’ beads with three holes, such as “Climbing Hydrangea”, “Strawberries”, “Zucchini Flower”, “Troll Tree” and so on.  This bead is used to double and divide the chain, thus shortening it and creating additional visual interest.  it’s a very difficult technique to explain in writing, but very simple in practice, so I’ll show you a video tutorial by Trollbeads that shows how easy it is:

I must mention before I sign off how much I love the combination of beads on the necklace above… “Azure Bubbles” has of course become a favorite bead for many  – but I particularly love it paired with this Limited Edition “Haiti Bead”.


Avoca of Ireland

Meet Avoca…designed and crafted with care by a family owned Irish company that has been creating extraordinary textiles for more than 300 years, these lovely pieces are heirlooms in the making.

A big shipment of bright, beautiful scarves, socks, and blankets is making its way to Tartooful, and we can’t wait to unpack it all!  We’re also bringing back more of their amazing soap, scented with essences derived from Avoca’s own organic gardens.  (Last time we had this soap in stock, it disappeared almost immediately, so check into the shop and make sure you don’t miss out…)

Avoca’s designs show the care that go into their creation, and feature whimsical details such as tiny, nearly hidden bows, or little messages embroidered into their labelling: (“weaving a hug”)… Their colour palette of reds, emerald greens, corals, pinks, turquoise and soft blues is joyful and gives just the lift that we need on a dark and rainy west coast winter day.


New Astrosatchel now in stock

Get Ready to Get Cosy

A big beautiful shipment of Astrosatchel’s legendary cashmere has just arrived at Tartooful.  Astrosatchel is a local, Vancouver company which is owned by artist, Janna Hurzig.  She applies her trained eye when designing her bags and accessories, resulting in truly unique, unexpected and absolutely gorgeous colour combinations.  Her bags feature bright tones and whimsical designs that hint at her Scandanavian heritage, and are so perfectly functional that they are a pleasure to use.  The cashmere collection that she creates for each Autumn season is eagerly anticipated by Tartoofulers in the know, and this series is her best ever.  I just love the corals, reds, pinks, khakis and lavenders that glow in these pieces… Each Fall Janna creates scarves and arm warmers that are crafted from recycled cashmere sweaters.  No two are alike, and each one is beautifully soft, luxurious and the perfect way to keep Vancouver’s damp winter at bay.  Janna can only make a limited number of these treats each year, so shop early to avoid disappointment…


Bouton Rouge Leather & Pearls

Pearls & Leather for Autumn 2010 by Bouton Rouge

Local North Vancouver jewelry design firm, Bouton Rouge just launched a new series for Autumn 2010…

These surf-inspired pieces are all based on black leather, and feature the contrasting colours and textures of rough-hewn sterling silver pebbles and smooth, silky peacock pearls.  The pearls are rich in colour, with amazing iridescent tones of violet, indigo and teal…

Like all of Bouton Rouge’s designs, the black leather series is made up of pieces that are perfect for our left-coast lifestyle… comfortable, casual, and effortlessly beautiful.

Bracelets of the Black Leather series



Trollbeads Trunk Show Tonight!

We’re putting the final touches on the preparations at Tartooful for tonight’s Trollbeads Trunk Show… and we couldn’t be more excited.

The stock has arrived, and the displays of beads are just stunning… There’s all sorts of beads that are new to us, including Haiti Beads in a gorgeous array of lilacs and teals… a bunch of OOAKs (one of a kinds), some golden, faceted amber and the brand new Picasso Jasper kit!

Don’t miss this one… Come by to play!  Today, November 3rd, 4 ’til 8pm at Tarooful:  3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.  604.924.0122


Trollbeads Gold


One of the most exciting parts of a Trollbeads Trunk show is being able to see rarer, special order beads that aren’t usually on the rack.  The Trunk Show on November 3rd at Tartooful will be no exception,  as we have ordered lots of beautiful beads featuring gold.

Trollbeads gold is all warm, beautiful, 18 karat, as is typical in Denmark.  This gorgeous color transforms familiar beads, such as “Lotus”,  giving them an entirely different feel.  Other designs are available only with gold, such as “Bouquet” or “Happy Universe”.

When creating a Trollbead collection, it’s very Tartooful to savor the journey, and to select truly extraordinary designs that make the heart sing.  This Trunk show, I think I’ll only pick one bead for my bracelet, but I’m thinking gold….