Trollbeads Inspiration: Sakura


sakura4This whole bracelet was inspired by an unlikely little bead.  See the white china style bead above and at left?  It is a long-retired “Christmas in Australia” Limited Edition.  Despite being retired, it has managed to stay humble, and a little “Under the Wire”.  However, looking at it closely, one appreciates the subtle lavender tone

sakura2hidden in its grey details, and it just begged to be placed on a blushing pink bracelet design.  I began with a powerful trio for the heart of the bracelet, placing the venerable “Diamond Bead Black” right in the middle and a pair of sparkling “Rose Quartz” to frame it.  I find that the center grouping of beads sets the tone for the whole

sakura7composition, so I try to take particular care in the choice of those beads.  Working out from the middle, I placed a pair of “Soft Heart” silvers to give the eye a spot to pause before moving on to the next groupings of beads on the bracelet.  Each

sakura3of the next sets of beads is composed of three beads – two pink and one grey and white.  looking across the circle they balance each other perfectly, and the overall impact is very harmonious.  Note that this “Grey Wolf” has a hint of plum or pink hiding among its stripes… it’s the same colour as in the “Christmas in Australia” limited edition.

sakura6This repetition of subtle colour gives me great satisfaction!  I’ve missed “Grey Wolf” since it retired, and have had fun playing with this one while it is in the gallery.  Finally, a playfil little floral design close to one end of the bracelet stops this pink and frothy design from feeling too terribly grownup and serious.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Rosa Pearl”, “Unique”, “Desert Rose”, “Sakura”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Unique”, “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Soft Heart”, “Rose Quartz”, “Diamond Bead, Black”, “Rose Quartz”, “Soft Heart”, “Grey Wolf”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “The Eye Bead”, “Cherry Blossoms”, “Blue Desert”, “Unique”, “Unique”.





Trollbeads Inspiration: Hints of Spring

The first glimpse of cherry blossoms, sighted today in English Bay, has me thinking that Vancouver’s Spring is just around the corner.  The snowdrops are up in my garden, daffodils are showing green in Stanley Park and today it was warm enough to just wear a sweater.  Inspired, I’ve rearranged my bracelet, replacing dark cozy reds with fresh greens.  I know we’ll have lots more cold, rainy, windy days – but today I was so appreciative of our warm break in the clouds…


Cherry Blossom Trollbead Bracelet

The Winter Cherry Blossom Bracelet

This cosy bracelet features rich cranberry tones, warm grays and soft browns.  It’s just the sort of bracelet I love:  very wearable, with a solid, neutral palette that can easily be updated and adjusted with fresh accent colours according to the wearer’s mood.

In this case the two red beads make a beautifully vibrant, seasonal statement… but imagine this bracelet with purple, teal, cerise, gold or practically any other jewel tone substituted for the red.  By exchanging only a couple of beads an entirely different bracelet may be created.  I selected the “Silver Bead with Garnets” and “Golden Thread” for their chameleon like quality of being able to blend well with the full range of reds, purples and browns.  “Deep Bubbles” is at first glance a perfectly neutral olive, but deep in it’s heart it contains traces of indigo and purple that come to life when the bead is placed near those colours.  “Labradorite” is similarly neutral, but again, contains a shimmer of brilliant indigo and teal.  This subtle tapestry of tones gives life and interest to what otherwise might be a muddy palette, and allows a wide range of complementary colours to be easily introduced.

Clockwise from lock:  “Freja Lock”, “Black Silk”, “Art Nouveau”, “Smoky Topaz”, “Brown Dot”, “Zanzibar”, “Red Berry”, “Labradorite”, “Snowball”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Porcupine”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Silver Bead with Garnets”, “Golden Thread”, “Sandi”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii Bead”.

To find out more about these and other Trollbeads products, or to purchase, please contact us at Tartooful:    604.924.0122

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Tropical Christmas Trollbeads Bracelet

Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

It’s *very* cold here in Vancouver… the pond is nearly frozen over, and the birds in my garden gather around the little waterfall, sipping from the one spot that isn’t frozen solid.  It’s beautiful, but you can’t blame us for dreaming of a tropical Christmas.  We designed this bracelet yesterday in the shop, thinking of South Pacific black pearls, exotic blossoms, azure oceans and green palm trees waving in the warm breeze…

Clockwise from lock:  “Diachroic Flower Lock”, “Blue Green Feather”, “Christmas in Hawaii Limited Edition”, “Diachroic Flowers”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Purple Flower”, “Ice Bear”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Third Eye”, “Snowball”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Carved Flowers”, “Purple Dot”, “Azure Bubbles”.

Warm water and Flowers…

The sun is out now, and the snow on the mountains is blindingly beautiful.  Enough dreaming of faraway places, back to my own beautiful part of the world!


Trollbeads Holiday Limited Editions

Christmas in Australia

I think it’s worth taking a closer look at the new Tropical Holiday series of glass from Trollbeads… now that we have big, juicy photos to share with you of these new beauties!

The series pictured above is the homage to a warm, Summer weather, Australian Christmas… with warm water, fresh green leaves and delicate cherry blossoms as the backdrop to the holiday festivities.  I think that these beads will be so lovely on many of the bracelets that our collectors are designing.  The clear greens will complement almost any colour palette, the amber and blue will please the fans of subtle tones and of course the Cherry Blossom is simply unabashedly pretty.

Next we go to Hawaii… with sultry, starry nights, fragrant flowers, deep blue water and volcanic black beaches, this place inspires dramatic design.  No surprise, then, to find a collection of glass filed with sapphire blues,  white blossoms and dramatic deep purples.  These beads are perfect for the black & white bracelet designers, or the many fans of purple palettes.

Look for these Limited Editions in the next few days at tartooful!