Trollbeads Inspiration: Aurora Ablaze Bangle


This is not for the fainthearted!

IMG_0938The recently released Aurora bangle has inspired so many of our ladies to take the leap to purchase a bangle… it’s resulted in a renaissance of creative and exciting bangle designs!  Beads that would never find their way onto a composition of fifteen to twenty beads can take center stage and shine on this minimalist piece.


IMG_0939The sensational “Royal Orange” is a perfect example… only a brave few are creating full bracelets around this showstopper bead, but what a gorgeous statement it makes on a bangle! We’ve paired it here with the Aurora itself, as well as its’ cousin, a

IMG_0944“Netherlands” glass from the World Tour series of Summer 2012.  All three of these beads are so strong in their own right that they can overwhelm a complex composition, but on a bangle they are simple, bold and beautiful.  The auburn tones of the Aurora play perfectly with the juicy tangerine… and the two Orange beads are just different enough to be interesting and not overly “matched”…

What are you doing with your new bangle?



Trollbeads Inspiration: The Aurora Necklace


DSCN7397With a little group of the lovely new Aurora Bangles in stock Thursday evening we were inspired to play a little, and came up with the idea of a focal point necklace.  Bold, dense and dramatic necklaces are so terribly chic right now, and We always think of

DSCN7415Trollbeads as being a tool kit to design and create whatever type of jewellery one wishes.  This was a good test to see how far we could take that!

It’s quite simple, really… we took three Aurora Bangles, sixteen stoppers, a pair of small size necklace chains, a basic clasp, and two “Frames” silver beads.

DSCN7414I know it sounds like a lot of stoppers, but it could be built with quite a few less. We had enough to do it this way, so we did.  The really key part of the structure is the “Frames” bead, which links the three bangles.  I love the contrast of the square frames with round

torque-necklaceforms of the bangles and stoppers.  Some of you many remember the Torque necklace that we designed some time ago, when the Bangle was first introduced.  This necklace is really the natural extension of that design.  The Aurora beads could be left off the center of each bangle for a cleaner, more purely modern and minimalist look, or conversely one could add a number of different, carefully selected beads.  The beads on the bangles would be secure without stoppers, and that would create another look as well.


In the end, games such as these are a great way of keeping one’s mind open to the possibilities of one’s collection.  It’s a little like Lego for the jewellery box:  play, have fun, see what your beads and chains can build… Create something beautiful!


New Trollbeads Limited Edition Aurora Bangle


“The colourful light of the North has always fascinated people, and there are many myths related to this beautiful, natural phenomenon. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.”


DSCN7395The eagerly anticipated, Limited Edition “Aurora Bangle” is released today, and we have these gorgeous treats in stock at Tartooful.  The set includes the sterling silver bangle, two sterling stoppers and an “Aurora” glass bead with silver core for CAD$199.95.


DSCN7397This represents great value, as the normal pricing for a bangle and two stoppers would be CAD$182.00 – meaning that one is paying only $17.95 for this exceptionally dramatic and lovely bead.  Keep the bead for yourself, and gift the bangle to someone else… or perhaps keep the bangle, and bestow the bead on another lucky Trollie, this is a wonderful chance to make a bangle purchase go that little bit further.

DSCN7408However, this is a Limited Edition, and we’ve been assured by Trollbeads that this bead will not be released either as an individual bead, or as part of any other promotional package… so don’t wait too long to act on this as stock is extremely limited.  It’s just too pretty to miss!