Roadtrip Kit…

With so many of you getting ready to travel this holiday season, we thought it was a good time to offer a few suggestions for a kit of functional luxuries to help you feel at home while on the road…

Start with a perfect shave kit:  these ones are made by Vancouver’s own RedFlag Design.  They are sewn from rugged recycled sailcloth that has been overdyed in a myriad of soft grey blues.  Each unique piece is beautifully finished with well made zippers, hand knotted pulls and functional leather tabs.  Best of all, this clever design louvers open with more contents, but folds neatly back on itself when emptied, to take up a minmum of precious suitcase space.

You’re particular about your bathroom luxuries at home, so why settle for nasty drugstore brands when you need a lift the most?  At Tartooful we have lots of beautiful treats for all your senses… Pretty new resin toothbrushes by Alan Stuart of New York, each one tucked in a reusable travel container… Gourmet Marvis toothpaste from Florence, and of course  lotions, soaps, travel candles and lip balms by Tokyo Milk.  (Airplanes are such dry places… keep your hand lotion and lip balm close…)

Now that your cosmetic kit is packed, you’ll want to think about your carry-on luggage.  Ideally it should be a bag that is flexible enough to be your “everything” bag once you reach your destination as well… I like to suggest Astrosatchel’s Medium Tote as a great travel bag.  It’s compact enough to be a handbag on your trip, is open plan to accommodate all sorts of unexpected finds, very secure and very comfortable, with it’s wide adjustable strap.  This bag is feather light – just the thing when every ounce counts!  I would also suggest that a wallet by Astrosatchel is ideal for travel: durable, secure, easily stores multiple currencies, coins, cards galore and even space for your passport.  Naturally, these designs are as beautiful as they are functional – very tartooful.

(photo courtesy of

Now, all you need is a book to keep you company… Don’t settle for an overpriced bodice ripper at the airport – instead stop into our neighbours at 32 books and pick something simply wonderful.  You’ll be supporting a local independent bookseller and will find something so much better.

Bon Voyage…

Tartooful’s feeling warm & fuzzy

Today we had the pleasure of having Janna of Astrosatchel and Winterluxe visit us at the shop for the day… We took special orders, chatted fashion trends and heard all about the design history of our favorite pieces.  You may have missed your chance to join the conversation… but it’s not too late to come see the amazing array of Astrosatchel at Tartooful!  Janna has very kindly allowed us to “borrow” her studio for a couple more days – so be sure to swing by the village and take a peek!

The Holidays are lurking just around the corner, and Janna’s hard-working and beautiful designs are perfect for so many people on the “nice” list…  Her cashmere is 100% recycled and each piece is locally made by the artist and one-of-a-kind.  Her scarves, armwarmers and new mittens are perfect for hard-to-please fashionistas and are so easy and lightweight to pop in an envelope and mail to the lucky recipient.

Don’t miss out on her “Sadie Bags” – the sleek and simple, round shape is very now and so comfortable and easy to use.

New this year are her gorgeous, shag cashmere home accessories.  You’ll find cashmere shag cushions this weekend at tartooful in colours such as couture pink, mod black & white, olive green and rich hues of turquoise.  These cushions are the ultimate luxury – so soft and unabashedly pretty!  But don’t worry – they’re still 100% recycled and locally made by the artist.

Other stocking stuffer ideas include her oh-so-smart wallets, with their cool industrial snaps and perfectly planned pockets… lipstick cases, the indispensable little case that holds everything in its place, cashmere hot water bottle cozies, d-ring bags for the girl on the go, and sleek pocket clutches.  If all that’s not reason enough… don’t forget the bag that started it all:  the totally perfect Medium Tote!  We have oodles of Totes in all colours and patterns… if one of these beauties is on your holiday list, be sure to pop in and shop early while this amazing selection is in store.

The “Astrosatchel Studio comes to Tartooful”… on now!


Astrosatchel Brings the Studio to Tartooful

It’s a Fall Astrosatchel Trunk Show!  This Wednesday, October 5th we’re giddy to be able to once more host designer Janna Hurtzig and her delicious array of Astrosatchel bags and accessories.  We’ll kick off at 2, and stay open late until around 7, to give everyone a chance to snap up these beauties with the best selection and pricing.

Janna will be bringing the Studio shopping experience to Tartooful, so you’ll be able to see all the goodies that she’s been creating for the Autumn season:  all her bags in perfect Fall colours, the legendary scarves, armwarmers, hot water bottle cozies and even mittens! Don’t miss a chance to see the new “winterluxe” recycled cashmere shag cushions and throw rugs – you simply won’t believe how soft and unabashedly gorgeous they are…

With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect chance to cross a few “nice” names off your list, in a relaxed and fun way… bring a girlfriend, have a glass of bubbly, meet the designer and don’t forget the “one for you, one for me” rule….

See you there…


Astrosatchel Trunk Show

We’re so excited to host our very first Astrosatchel Trunk show at Tartooful…

It’s coming up fast:  Next Tuesday, the 21st of June, from 2 til 8 at the shop…

Janna, the brilliant designer behind all the amazing bags will bring some of her fresh Spring designs with her, including the brand-new hit “Sadie” bag!  So cute, so functional – very Astrosatchel.

The medium tote was the first Astrosatchel design that I fell for… I bought my first one from a little shop in Tofino, long before Tartooful was open, when my eldest son was just a baby.  I’ve used it for everything:  diaper bag,  daily purse, travel carry-on… I’ve even skied wearing it… and it’s still in such beautiful condition that when I bring it to the shop people try to buy it off the back of my chair.  I love the adjustable strap that allows me to wear it however I choose, the sturdy, forgiving velcro closure, the roomy interior, and the handy slash pocket on the outside, perfect for my keys and phone.  The medium tote is simply a classic.

However, there’s so much more to Astrosatchel than just that one design… she also makes the downtown tote, the Friday bag, the sadie bag, wallets, d-ring clutches, and lipstick cases – all beautifully designed to be satisfyingly functional, vegan, and all in her signature style, a fusion of mod scandi and west coast Canadiana.

Be sure to join us next Tuesday for this very special, one-day event…


New Astrosatchel now in stock

Get Ready to Get Cosy

A big beautiful shipment of Astrosatchel’s legendary cashmere has just arrived at Tartooful.  Astrosatchel is a local, Vancouver company which is owned by artist, Janna Hurzig.  She applies her trained eye when designing her bags and accessories, resulting in truly unique, unexpected and absolutely gorgeous colour combinations.  Her bags feature bright tones and whimsical designs that hint at her Scandanavian heritage, and are so perfectly functional that they are a pleasure to use.  The cashmere collection that she creates for each Autumn season is eagerly anticipated by Tartoofulers in the know, and this series is her best ever.  I just love the corals, reds, pinks, khakis and lavenders that glow in these pieces… Each Fall Janna creates scarves and arm warmers that are crafted from recycled cashmere sweaters.  No two are alike, and each one is beautifully soft, luxurious and the perfect way to keep Vancouver’s damp winter at bay.  Janna can only make a limited number of these treats each year, so shop early to avoid disappointment…


Colour inspiration: spicy!

I love the spicy colour combination of pinks, reds and oranges… no matter what the setting, this palette feels deliciously warm and makes my heart sing.

It’s probably no coincidence that Tartooful ends up having lots of products that satisfy this colour urge… Pictured above is a wonderfully spicy bracelet that I recently composed for the window at the shop… It uses the “Valentine” bead as its centerpiece, and also features the Bright Red Prism, Retired Orange Armadillo, the Pink Silver Trace, the newly released, “Red Symmetry”,  “Pink Bud”, and the “Root Chakra”.  These are only a few of the possible beads that one could use to build a similarly spicy bracelet, there are so many to choose from!

Other fabulous fall products whose shot of colour gives me the warm and fuzzies:

Astrosatchel recycled cashmere scarves…

Lushly scented Market Street soy candles

Astrosatchel cashmere armwarmers

Meet one of Uglydoll’s newest family members: Cozymonster!

As we go into the Fall, and look ahead to winter, Tartooful is simply glowing…


A warm and fuzzy feeling…

The Cashmere Has Arrived!!!

Once a year, Astrosatchel designer Janna Hurtzig creates her amazing scarves… Savvy Vancouverites watch for the scarves and shop early to snap up the very prettiest ones.  These scarves are artist designed and locally made of pure, recycled, knit cashmere.  No two are alike, and Janna’s colors are total eye candy.  This year she’s outdone herself, and every single scarf in the shop is just fabulous… she’s also stitched up some of her cosy and chic arm warmers, all in great colors and patterns… (one is even polka dot!)  These are essential pieces for our dark and cold winters; the perfect way to not only warm up, but to give oneself a happy lift as well.  Think ahead to Christmas and pick up a few – they’re such a perfectly thoughtful gift, and they’re so easy to mail!

Don’t wait too long: there’s only so many of these beauties… Scarves are a steal at C$74.75 and arm warmers are C$42.75