Pure Happiness

The new jewelry designs of Christy Feaver are simply breathtaking.

The silversmith is known for her chunky, modern pieces, with finishes and patinas inspired by the shorelines of the two continents she calls home… but the newest of her designs to arrive at Tartooful are a joyful riot of colour, set into simple, comfortable and timeless settings.

On a purely girly note, I am totally in love with her pink topaz pieces… (Cristi’s eyes lit up for the sparkling yellow citrines…)

…But there are so many mouthwatering colours in this collection:  rich, green peridot, lemon yellow citrine, sky blue topaz, smoky quartz, soft lavender amethyst….and of course, pink topaz.

We also have a beautiful range of her signature earrings on the shelf, as well as an array of her new necklaces, featuring silver Buddhas, lotuses and tassels. (!)

Christy Feaver’s jewelry is pure happiness…


Summer Comes Softly…

“Bird Stories Again” by Anne Griffiths 36″x36″ oil & resin on canvas $1800

Summer comes softly here on the West Coast… in other places, Summer may arrive with a bang of bright turquoise water and lemonade yellow sunshine, but not here.  Here we have soft warm grey sand, velvety bone-white driftwood, teal water and beach glass coloured skies.

It’s not surprising that some of our favorite things this season are in soft tones that are perfect for our sun bleached summer.  Take this gorgeous RedFlag design bag:  It’s re purposed sailcloth that has been over dyed a subtle shade of grey.  The previous life of the material shows in the gradations of grey, which are distinct to each piece.  Most importantly, it’s roomy, simple and tough – perfect for carefree Summer days spent near the water.

We’re enjoying the softest of blue grey tones in the Trollbeads at the moment, and so many of our Troll ladies seem to be collecting in this palette as well… Beads like “Light Blue Stripe”, “White Petals”, “Silver Trace, beige-blue” or any of the beautiful, dichroic glass beads… These designs seem to glow from within, with a soft cool light that somehow just suits this time and place.  Try one of the Trollbead leather bracelets, and add just a few of your favorites, for an even more casual, summery feel.

It’s the soft time of the coast… enjoy…



Trollbeads Inspiration: H.O.’s lush garden of colour…

This lovely bracelet feels like a lush North Shore garden in full bloom, full of mossy greens, clear running streams, and woodland flowers.

The glass take centre stage, with only tiny “spacer” silvers between each one, repurposed from another bracelet.  The glass selection is a good blend of uniques, retireds and standard collection designs, with a graceful colour gradation from emerald green, through pink to deep purple.

I particularly admire the colours she has chosen to showcase in the centre of the bracelet – the “Antique Flower”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Double Flower” (retired), and “Azure Bubbles” are simply gorgeous together.  The subtle, moss green acts as a foil to the sweeter pink tones and gives interest to the entire composition.  The unusual lilac colour of the dichroic glass dot in the Black Flower Mosaic is the crowning touch, and makes the whole bracelet sing.

Finally, silver “Lotus” frame the composition, and give emphasis to the “Large Flower Lock”, giving it even more visual substance.  I like to finish bracelets with smaller designs that are well matched: either two silvers such as “Lotus”, “Small Berry”, “Lucky Knot” or “Hydrangea”… or Prism beads of various colours are also favorites of mine.  Prisms are a wonderful way of finishing two-colour compositions, as they can emphasize each of the two elements in the design.

Thank you for letting us share your bracelet…


Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace


This morning Trollbeads.com posted a wonderful how-to guide on how to wrangle the fantasy necklace into lots of beautiful new styles… It’s perfect timing, as we begin casual summer dressing, and are looking for fresh ways to enjoy our beads.  We’re inspired and wanted to share some of the ideas with you.

The simplest method is still one of our favorites:  simply slide the beads down the chain, and allow them to rest on the pendant at the bottom… stack as many or as few as you like, and be creative about new colour and texture combinations!

The possibilities, even just for this simple method are endless:







I absolutely love the new “Shadow Flower” bead, and it’s perfect at the bottom of a pearl fantasy necklace… the two combine to create a lovely bell-like flower, which even softly chimes.

A new idea (and I can’t believe we never thought of this!) is to use the necklace as a lariat:

Essentially in this design, you take the basic method, and then hook it round on itself to create the lariat, without using any clasp at all.  So simple and brilliant!  In their illustration they have used a ballerina at the base, but it doesn’t require any special fantasy beads for this method at all, you can make use of what you already have in your collection…

For even more Fantasy Necklace inspiration, check trollbead’s posting


Trollbeads Universal Uniques

Trollbeads has always been the leader in their field, presenting brilliant new collections several times each year, and innovative products that work together to create a truly unique and exciting piece of jewelry.

The latest creation?  Universal Uniques.  These beads have been designed with a subtly larger inner core that allows them to slip easily over all competitors bracelets.  Unlike the glass beads of Pandora or Chamilia, this universal silver core is no more obtrusive than that of the standard glass Trollbeads.

Each beautiful Universal Unique bead is one of a kind, making these beads particularly coveted and collectible, and perfectly suitable for gifts.

These lovely new additions to the collection will be available at Tartooful as soon as they are unveiled in Canada, July 11th.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Ocean Blues

We are loving the new range of ocean blues that came out with this year’s new Spring collection… they play so beautifully with some of or favorites from the Fall 2010 group, and together make a very wearable bracelet that feels just right with our laid-back, beach inspired, west coast palette of soft blues and greys…

clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Light Turquoise Prism”, “Clear Blue Bubbles”, “Treasures”, “Blue-Green Feather”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Midnight Flower”, “Jellyfish”, “Ocean”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Beach”, “Waves”, “Cool Dusk”, “Turquoise Prism”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: CF’s ocean greens

Sometimes an entire bracelet can be inspired by just one bead.  This one was begun with a single, “Green Stripe” bead chosen by the owner’s young son.  The seed of an idea was sown, and just look at the beautiful bracelet that grew!

The rich range of greens, greys, teals and turquoises includes glass, natural stones, silver beads and carefully chosen dichroic glass…

clockwise from clasp:  “Basic double lobster clasp” (old style), “silver stopper”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Light Blue Braid”, “Zanzibar”, “Silver Mountain”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Carved Flowers”, “Amazonite”, “Heart Print”, “Silver Mountain”, “Troll with Big Feet”, “Silver Trace, Green-Turquoise”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Green Stripe”, “Three in One”, “Blue-Green Feather”, “Labradorite”, “Silver Stopper”.


Trollbeads for Dad…

Just in time for Fathers’ Day, Trollbeads has just unveiled a series of design suggestions for leather bracelets for Men.  It’s a little touch of European luxury and style that is tough enough to wear everyday, in the shower, at the gym and through everything that life throws at him…

For more information about these bracelets, or other Trollbeads designs, contact us at Tartooful… 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122

or tartooful@gmail.com



Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilacs in Bloom

Every garden that I’ve ever had has had a lilac… huge, out-of-control, gorgeous bushes that put on a massive show every spring.  I was a little taken-aback when I realized that my present garden was lilac-less.  Now, when I see them in bloom all over the neighborhood, I think I will have to get one.  I’m going to look for a Persian Lilac, a delicate little bush which takes over a lot less of the garden, but has a heavenly scent  with all the oomph of it’s bigger cousins.

Meanwhile, I was inspired by all the lilacs to build a bracelet… (yes, inspiration really can come from anywhere…)

This bracelet includes a couple of the Spring 2011 collection: “White Petals”,  and “Pastel Flower”.  There are also a number of familiar favorites, such as “Florence”, “Light Green Stripe”, “Lavender Stripe”, “Green Jade” and “Purple Bubbles”.  However, the showstoppers on this bracelet have to be the new Limited Edition Diamond Flower beads – Antique Flower.  I’ve used two of them to frame the centre of this bracelet.  Their tiny purple flowers are perfectly evocative of lilacs…


Trollbeads Inspiration: MR’s ethereal bracelet

This bracelet evokes the happiest celebrations, the calmest moments, the sunniest places and the most peaceful of times…

It’s lovely owner has a deep appreciation for important matters in life:  love and loyalty of family, beauty of spirit, and purity of heart.  I’m truly inspired every time she comes to visit.  Her bracelet glows with her spirit, and I’m proud to be able to show it here.

From clasp:Big Flower Lock”, “Hydrangea”, “Flowers”, “Chalcedony”, “Forget me Not”, “Silver trace, gold”, “Dichroic Flowers”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “Sparrow”, “Crown Chakra”, “Heart”, “Boy”, “Rose”, “Small Berry”.