Trollbeads Inpsiration: New Toys!


DSCN5235By now our Trollies will have unwrapped their holiday gifts from their families… and under many trees this year were Trollbeads, carefully picked by husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and of course, little clusters of excited children.  We always love to see the little ones come in, either with a parent or sometimes all on their own, ready to pick just the right thing for Mom.

DSCN5243  Perhaps you’re one of those fortunate ladies, who received new Troll toys for Christmas?  Have you started to play with the new pieces yet, and see what works with your collection, and how it will all fit in?  Your new beads bear a Christmas story of love.

DSCN5233Take your time and try lots of different combinations before you settle on an arrangement…. I always find that the addition of even one or two new beads requires rethinking the whole bracelet to ensure a nicely balanced composition.

DSCN5232The gorgeous bracelet that we are enjoying today belongs to one of our lovely, local Trollies, N.O..  It’s a stunning composition… rich, dramatic, beautiful, and totally luxe with lots of gold and hard-to-find raspberry uniques.

DSCN5234It feels as though it was painstakingly designed to look precisely like this… carefully planned from the beginning with this amazing design in mind.  However, the truth is that N.O. chooses her beads purely on whether she loves each bead.

DSCN5244The result is a fluid collection that has seen many different compositions, depending on the mood of the designer.  It’s a wonderful approach, as it keeps the process of acquiring new beads light and fun – and each bracelet is an inspired delight.


DSCN5229N.O.’s bracelets always feel fresh, as they only stay in the same arrangement for a few months at most… by that time she will have found a few more treasures and will be inspired to try something new, and create something beautiful using the newest arrivals in her jewellery box.

It’s a great reminder to the rest of us to actively enjoy our collections, redesign often and only pick beads that we love, knowing that if we do, they’ll all fit in beautifully.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Pearl Flower” clasp, “Gold Spacer” (retired), “Red-Pink Prism” (retired), “18k Lotus”, “Christmas Limited Edition”, “Heart Spacer” (retired), “Diamond Bead, Gold”, “Ruby with gold core”, “Stars, 18k and diamonds”, “Universal Unique”, “18k and diamonds Bougainvillea”, “Pink Bud”, “Unique Raspberry Armadillo”, “2+2 18k”, “Universal Unique Fern”, “18k Endless”, “Diamond Bead, Pink”, “Mountain Crystal” (world tour Switzerland), non-troll, “Christmas Limited Edition”, “18k initial N”, “Red-Pink Prism” (retired), “18k spacer” (retired).



Trollbeads Inspiration: JR’s Red Hot Bracelet

Here’s another tantalizing glimpse into JR’s Trollbeads Treasure box… this time we’re showcasing a “Red Hot” composition that features an inspiring array of retired designs, combined into a powerful bracelet that feels like a celebration!

Hints of gold add a touch of luxe to this composition.  Amber, the “Root Chakra”, a most unusual, retired “Trollstone” and this lovely “Golden Cave” all give a golden glow that beautifully complements the rich reds and raspberries of the principal beads.

However, it is the contrast between the pinks and orange-reds that give this bracelet design its simmering energy.  This composition feels like a heat wave… think bougainvillea trailing across a terracotta wall… think hibiscus blossoming in the tropics…

The variety of red tones in Retired “Berries” bridges the wide range of reds in this design, from the brilliant “Red Armadillo” to the deep claret of the “Garnet Bead”.  Beads such as this one, and its multi toned neighbour,  retired “Lilac Edge” are keystones for giving cohesion to the overall design.

Another lovely retired red bead, “Dolce” was introduced as part of the designer series, honouring various Fashion Industry icons.  Its leopard print pattern on hunter red is classic, but very couture.

Clockwise from clasp:  Basic Double Lobster Clasp, “Red Armadillo” (retired), “Golden Cave”, “Zodiac Star” (retired), “Summer Bud” (retired), “Wine Harvest”, “Lilac Edge” (retired), “Red Berries” (retired), “Unique Raspberry Armadillo”, “Circus Elephant” (retired), “Trollstone” (retired), “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Root Chakra”, “Wine Harvest”, “Unique”, “Garnet Bead”, “Maple Syrup Amber”, “Dolce” (retired).

A great many of the Trollbeads reds have been retired over the past three years, leaving only a very few in the current collection… the reason has less to do with demand or trends than it does with the technical challenges of producing red glass.

Most red glass that one encounters is actually clear glass that has been coated with red.  True red glass of the type seen in Trollbeads is very costly to produce, as it requires the addition of gold to give its warm glow.  In addition, it is far more unstable during the cooling process than other colours, which causes more breakage before the beads may be shipped to market.  The same challenges arise for another legendary glass producer that you may find at Tartooful:  iittala of Finland makes gorgeous glass vessels in a huge range of colours, but unfortunately must price their red pieces much higher than other cool toned colours, to compensate for the extra expense and difficulty of producing them.

At the moment, the best way to add to a collection of Red Trollbeads is by keeping a watchful eye out for uniques or special editions in just the right colour…


Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s Armadillos

I’ve always thought that an entire bracelet of Armadillos would be wonderful, and finally, someone has taken up the challenge!  The Fabulous RT has begun her latest creation:  Armadillo glass in all brilliant colours,  with clean-lined sculptural silvers.  It’s just as delicious as I imagined.

Of course, when start off with this many of the elusive Raspberry Armadillos, the composition is bound to be stunning…

The way the light shimmers through the glass is simply amazing.

…Can’t wait to see how it progresses…