a beautiful little life…

Summer-Memory“Summer Memory” Original art by EA Klann, oils on canvas, 40″x60″ CAD$4900 2015.

The shift has happened, and even before the calendar tells us us it is so – Autumn has arrived.  Here on the West Coast of Canada we are back to cool temperatures, with dark mornings and steady drizzle that has breathed life back into our Summer parched gardens and forests.  It’s a contemplative time for me.  It’s a season with start-of-school memories that inspire positive change and fresh starts.  It feels like a good time to reset priorities and make sure that I am creating the “beautiful little life” of my daydreams.


I’m not an epic person… I’ve never striven to live large, exude drama or be the center of attention.  Rather, I cherish the quiet details.  I find that for me the difference between average and extraordinary is always in the details… for example, when selecting a car, all of the many options included ample power, demonstrated safety standards and comfort.  The one I fell in love with also was an evocative shade of blue, had controls that felt like an extension of my hands, and a minimalist aesthetic in the cabin.  Another example… Every morning I drink my morning cafe au lait from a Timo Glass – the most perfectly practical and elegantly restrained design of drinking vessel I know.  Details.  It’s always the same for me… whether it’s something as significant as a car, or as simple as a cup, I find divinity in the details.


So… the “beautiful little life” is all about tending for the details.  One by one, day by day they all add up to a life that is lived with care, and savoured day by day.  Today, on this rainy day, I am focused on that…