Trollbeads Inspiration: L.D.’s collection sparkles!


We have just enough time to squeeze in one, or possibly two little notes before the year gracefully exits, and a new one begins.

DSCN4340Many of you have enjoyed collecting this year’s Limited Edition Trollbeads Christmas Ornaments.  With a dazzling array of colours and patterns, these delightful toys now add a whimsical note to so many of our Trollbeads Collectors bracelets and necklaces.  At left is an amazing necklace by L.D. featuring a very hard to find palette of imperial yellow and gold.  Appropriately, she has included a pair of silver “Fortune” beads, as well as two non-troll Tibetan Prayer wheels.

DSCN4311This necklace, also by L.D. is deceptively simple… and very effective.  Pairing the two “Smiling Cylinder” at the center of the design provides a strong, graphic punch to the necklace.  Together, they create something entirely new and exciting.

DSCN4185This warm, golden, amber composition plays with a lovely group of ambers and stones, as well as some of the new Christmas Limited Edition Ornamental Kit.  Note the rare cross-shaped amber with engravings, as well as the stunning Christmas ornament dangle.

Of course, if you find you have extra little ornaments, there’s always brilliant solution employed by L.D. – simply hang them on your tree…

Thank you L.D. for sharing your beautiful collection with us, what wonderful inspiration!