Trollbeads Inspiration: The Butterfly Bracelet


Spring has officially “Sprung” at Tartooful… with fabulous new Universal Uniques just arrived in stock and brilliant sunshine streaming through the Village, we are all smiles.

butterflyToday’s bracelet is inspired by a photo that was recently sent to me by an email customer… the joyous combination of bright red, turquoise, purple, aqua and orange stayed in my head.  Perhaps even more inspiring was the fantastic blend of textures found in

butterfly-amazonitethe glass… just one more reason why we adore the new style of Universal Uniques.  With so many patterns, sizes, colours, textures and degrees of clarity to choose from there really is a bead for every possible creative project.

butterfly-pink&blueThis palette sounds like a bit of a jumble, and wouldn’t normally be “me” I love the very subtle, shifting and hard-to-describe colours.  However, this bracelet is even more than the sum of its parts.  It’s a wonderful example of the power of juxtaposition.

butterfly-frontBy placing complementary colours side by side – like the orange and brilliant aqua shown at right – each one of the colours appears more brilliant.  The eye is minutely fatigued by looking at any one colour, and so experiences the opposite tone more strongly.

Think of the effect it has if one looks for a long time at a green square… then look away and gaze at a white wall.  The eye deceives you into seeing a red square hovering there on the wall.  It’s compensating for the excess of green, with the complementary tone of red.  The same phenomenon is at work in pointillist paintings and even traffic lights.  Here, it allows us to feel the full brilliance of each colour.


Science is fun!  However…you don’t have to find colour theory as fascinating as I do, to enjoy this delightfully happy bracelet.

Thank you to BD for the inspiration…