Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 24


Sometimes it’s not so much about the composition, as it is the combination…


I typically wear an armful of different kinds of bracelets: gold bangles, artisan designs, my bronze X by Troll and of course my Trollbeads.


Today I was so delighted with the blend of colour, texture and form, I decided that it was challenge worthy in its own right…


Bracelets joining in today’s arm party include two narrow gold bangles and one wide one, inherited from my Mother… A simple Trollbeads bracelet with only a pair of “Happy Fish” and a retired “Green Lilac Armadillo”… Another Trollbeads bracelet that Is packed full of slate blues and honey golds… And finally, a wonderfully flashy, handmade Labradorite bead bracelet by Tartooful’s own Melanie Matthews.


Trollbeads Inspiration : Bloom & Bite (Or a Snake in the Grass…)


snake8I find the new photo campaign supporting the Spring X by Trollbeads to be so inspiring!  The verdant green, with the edgy imagery feels lush and just a little dangerous.

I reached for all the richest greens on the display, blending natural stones, uniques and a range of production beads to create a

snake9palette that ranges from aqua to emerald green.  I pulled together a grouping of silvers that all contained knotwork and spiral themes.  Three Siblings is a strong statement close to the heart of the bracelet.

snake10I love how well the new silver “Snake” from the Spring collection plays with the knotwork silver designs, with only a tiny, cheeky face peeing out on one side to show what he really is.  Like a real snake, he blends in, perfectly camouflaged in his environment.  It’s just that this particular snake’s natural environment is a Trollbeads bracelet.


snake6I decided to give this bracelet a generous dose of artisan tassels, made by our own Melanie of Tartooful.  She puts semiprecious stones such as Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian and agate on sterling wire with a simple jump ring for easy attachment to whatever jewellery you choose.  Some of our customers use their tassels

snake5on their Pyrrha necklaces, others by themselves or on a silver chain, and of course, lots of us like to add them to our Trollbeads.  I put mine on the small side of the clasp, for a classic look that adds a decorative detail to the clasp, but doesn’t clutter and complicate the overall composition.  I’ve even put a whole group on a Fantasy necklace for a fun look.

snake4The sparkling new bead designs of the Spring collection blend seamlessly with some of those of the Autumn… look here at Aqua Edge Triangle, and Aqua edge Pumpkin – and see how gorgeous they are with the new design, “Oasis”.  The aqua leaps right out of the Fall designs as soon as it’s placed near similar blues and teals.

snake3Another favorite blue bead is “Traces”, which bears a hard-to-name blue.  It’s not quite turquoise, almost Tiffany and nearly bird’s egg… but not fully any of those shades.  At Tartooful we call that lovely shade “Beautiful Blue” and we pounce on it whenever we find it in a bead.  This production pattern truly sings on this bracelet, pulling the aqua and the earthy tones together perfectly.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Classic core unique”, “Silver Mountain”, “Moss Agate”, “Three in One”, “Aqua Edge Pumpkin”, “Traces”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Oasis”, “Labradorite”, “Oasis”, “Three Siblings”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Aqua Edge Triangle”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Snake”, “Moss Agate”, “Light Blue Gold”, “Classic Core Unique”.

All stock from Tartooful… look for individually photographed uniques and stones online at Tartoofultoo online shop.


X By Trollbeads Introduces Bloom X Bite


Introducing Bloom x Bite – a fresh set of ten new links to add a twist to your bracelet.

Inspired by nature, with a kick of urban glamour, Bloom x Bite is pure Spring chic.


To see all these “dangerously beautiful” new links, and shop from the comfort of your sofa, go to Tartoofultoo online shop



X By Trollbeads News: Simple is Beautiful – and now so Affordable!

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 5.08.45 PMHere’s the hottest of hot news since Trollbeads unveiled their groundbreaking X series in September…

We just received word that we could offer our customers a very special promotion that simplifies the process of easing into X!  It’s so easy:

1.  Select a lock

2.  Select a decorative link

3.  we’ll complete the rest of your bracelet with Black Rubber X as our gift to you, so you can walk out the door wearing your beautiful new bracelet!

Simple, beautiful, affordable, irresistible.

If you’ve been mulling X, but haven’t known how to begin, this is the time.  You can find X by Trollbeads on our online gallery at, drop us a line at, or ring us at the gallery at 604.924.0122 and we’d be happy to help you pick our just the right beginning for your X!

See you in the Village!



X By Trollbeads Now Available in Tartooful’s Online Shop

Basis_armbaand_727x480We’ve put the finishing touches on our Tartoofultoo Online Shop, and we’re excited to be able to show off all the new X collection, now available for online shopping!  Browsing for Trollbeads in the comfort of your pajamas while lounging on the sofa – what could be better?

So cosy up, drop by, and take a peek at all the new links, as well as the upcoming Peoples’ Bead collection, which launches October 4th!


Trollbeads X: Lets Start At The Very Beginning


Well, the reviews are beginning to come in from our own group of Trollbeads fans, and for the most part our ladies are loving Trollbeads X.  I’ve had a number of questions about X:  “How big are the links?”, “Will they slip apart by accident?” and the big one, “How do I make a start?”.

how-bigThe single links are just a little over half an inch long, with the double links roughly twice as long.  There is variation in length between the various decorative links, especially in the Zodiac collection.

black-rubberHow many links you will require to make a bracelet will depend on your size,  how you like to wear your bracelets, and which links you’d like to incorporate. Our ladies have for the most part chosen to start with mostly black X links with a

cathy-braceletclasp and perhaps one accent link in silver or bronze.  That’s the route I’ve chosen myself… I’m looking forward to building my new bracelet slowly, just as I did with my very first Trollbead bracelet.  I’m going to add links as little rewards to myself on a regular basis and choose the accent ones only as I fall in love with them. 

On my bracelet I have 18 single links and one clasp, and I would normally take a 7.9″ Trollbeads bracelet worn full.  I could wear a 7.5, and occasionally do if the bracelet only has a handful of beads, but I prefer it to fit on the loose side.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 3.20.32 PMHere’s the plan…

My bracelet today is pictured at top left… and I’d like to transform is into a classic bronze chain that I can wear every day with my gold bangle and Trollbeads.  I’ve played with the bronze links, and they feel velvety, smooth, and satisfyingly heavy.  I’d love to wear one all the time.  If I add a couple of double links each month I’ll have a gorgeous, all-bronze chain bracelet by Christmas – just in time for my family to pick me a silver accent piece as a special treat.  (I’ll have to be very good…)


beautiful-beginning2That’s my plan, but there are lots of creative approaches to making a beautiful beginning.  Melanie had a great idea for integrating little touches of one’s classic Trollbeads to add zest to a simple bracelet…

Beautiful-beginningLoop two rows of black rubber X for double the drama – and then add one of the Trollbeads tassels to the clasp.  This is perfect with the Black Spinel, but would be equally pretty with any of the tassel designs.  This brilliant design has tons of presence and the flexibility to transform into a necklace in seconds flat.

Finally, The X link is beautifully engineered and absolutely won’t slip apart while you are wearing it.  It’s a pleasure to use, and every time I connect two links I still marvel at its elegant simplicity. 

To really understand how nicely the X works one has to feel it for oneself, so do pop in and play!




Trollbeads Inspiration: A Tale of Two Bracelets


2-bracelets5It is simply “the best of times”.  With a whole new line of classic silver, industrial black rubber and warm bronze links at our disposal, fresh new design inspiration is literally at our fingertips.  Already the ideas are flowing at Tartooful on how to use these new tools, both to enhance our beloved Trollbeads and as standalone pieces.

Today we began by composing a pair of bracelets that were designed to be worn together.  The look of a layered wrist is already hopelessly chic, but with the bespoke aspect of Trollbeads and X, one can create a truly personal and unique combination.


2-bracelets3With the palette of X in mind, we created the above bracelet in neutral colours that would sing in the presence of silver, bronze and black.  We selected silvers from both collections that feature a “budded” pattern, to wittily carry a similar theme across all the silver designs.  A similar approach might employ the knotwork themed silvers,

2-bracelets4birds, floral motifs, musical elements, stars or even the Chinese or Western Zodiac.  The key is to offer some cohesion between the two designs, both in colour and form, so that they can sing together.  Think of it as two part music, with the original Trollbeads offering the soaring melody and X the alto harmony.  Beautiful alone, exquisite together.


2-braceletsThe original Trollbeads composition here has a juxtaposition of honed natural stone, sparkling faceted gems, graphic pattern, and glowing glass.  This tapestry of colour, tone, shade and texture is what makes Trollbeads perennially fascinating to me, and the new X designs are simply a new element to add to the blend.


Take a peek in your bead collection and think about what you could compose as a companion for an X design….  How about silver and pink?  Or pale grey blue with a touch of golden bronze?  Or rich royal purple with bronze?  Or classic black and silver with mod primary tones?  Whites with gold and silver?  Or…. ?







Trollbeads News: X By Trollbeads is Here


Imagine you could turn back time…

How many times have I heard a collector lament that they wished they had known about Trollbeads sooner?  It seems every few days one of our collectors mentions a long retired, rare and desirable bead that they would surely have picked, if only they had known Troll in time…. (sigh…)

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 7.11.06 PM

Once in a long while one has the chance to be there at the very beginning… in the first days of something new, brilliant and exciting.  We have that opportunity with X by Trollbeads.

It’s a completely original approach to modular jewelry, with links that slip together fluidly, yet stay together perfectly securely.  The genius is the “x” that is woven deftly into the design of each link in such a way that one wouldn’t even notice it was there.   Look closely at the join in the link, and you’ll see that the new X logo shows the heart of the design.


With links of black rubber, warm glowing bronze and classic silver one can create unlimited compositions.  The rubber is warm and tactile yet surprisingly smooth and hard.  The bronze glows like pink gold, and the silver is crisp and classic against the contrast of the black.  What’s your mood today?  Edgy urban?  Classic Scandanavian?  Ultra luxe? Pure modernist?  Or perhaps you have a look all of your own.


Astonishingly simple.


IMG_2728However, you can count on Trollbeads to create not only the perfectly simple, but also the exquisitely detailed.  Elements of nature, symbols and characters abound in the collection.  Add a well chosen few of these storytelling designs to create a piece that resonates deeply with satisfying beauty and meaning.

IMG_2720This bracelet tells a love story…

IMG_2725There is the occasional hint at a Trollbeads design… such as the new “Flower”, which is reminiscent of the silver star of the Spring 2013 Trollbeads collection, “The Messenger”.  This familiar face is sure to become a new favorite for our collectors, as its clear floral motif is so strong and lovely it could anchor an entire design.

IMG_2733I’ve always liked the silver Trollbeads that have a nubbly consistency – “Large Berry”, “Sun Circle”, “Planet”, “Urchin” and the like… so it makes sense that right away I am drawn to these two links… These are Single and Double Snow, which can together create a lovely textured pattern around a bracelet or necklace design.


“A diamond has many facets.  On your road – bumps and tailwinds will shape you through life, carry every single facet with pride.”

Designed by Nicolas Aagaard & Kåre Frandsen.

IMG_2718“Lots of Love”

We’ve only just begun to explore this intelligent and utterly lovely new design tool.  We are so inspired and hope that you will be too.  Come visit us in the village and discover X by Trollbeads for yourself… and visit Tartoofultoo Online Shop to see the entire collection online as we are loading it all there over the next day or so.


Trollbeads News: X by Trollbeads now online in Denmark….

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 7.50.48 AM

4033fc481f8911e3b0b622000a9e5b33_6The rave reviews are pouring in after the glamorous Trollbeads launch in Copenhagen for the fashion industry… X by Trollbeads is gorgeous!  Here on the other side of the pond we must wait (impatiently) until tomorrow to show you every detail, but for today take a peek at and see the new designs.

e2d47f121f8a11e3adbc22000a9e17d5_6Tune in tomorrow for all the details and juicy close up shots….