Trollbeads News: Collectors’ Dream Sale Now On!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.34.01 AMMake a wish… It’s true – every collector’s secret wish just came true:  a big, beautiful Trollbeads Sale!  This never happens.  So quick – make a list and check it twice, because Trollbeads introduced prior to 2014 are now

ON SALE 25% off!

but only until July 15th, so don’t delay!

We have to exempt a couple of things – such as gold (sorry!)… but most things are included.  If you have specific queries get in touch either by phone at 604-924-0122 or email at and we’d be happy to answer all your questions, and help you to find the perfect additions to your personal collection.  If you prefer to browse our online shop, please enter coupon code “Dreamsale” to receive your 25% discount.

sometimes dreams come true….




Trollbeads News: Our Troll Heroes Are….


We just completed our second annual 30 Day Trollbeads Challenge… and were delighted by the high level of participation and talent among our ladies!  You girls are amazing.


You may recall that at the beginning of the challenge we promised prizes… well, after seeing all your incredible designs and witnessing all the love given on the facebook page, we now have a fresh crop of Troll heroes that we would like to honour with Troll Treats.


CG-day13First, we’d like to thank all of you who send in images to share with our readers.  Every single bracelet, bangle and necklace added up to an amazing event and we couldn’t have done it without you.  However, we would like to recognize Brigitt and Rebecca for

LC-DAY2participating every single day of the challenge!  This is so hard to do, and I know both of these ladies have full calendars, so it’s even more appreciated.  Not only did they each send in a bracelet every day, but they did so despite travel plans through the month.  Each of these troopers will be receiving a glass from the new Summer series of glass as a heartfelt thank you from Tartooful.


martha-day8The next category of prize awards go to the ladies who tirelessly supported those who participated.  Many of our best supporters were also busily creating designs and sharing them, but there were two names that came

PY-DAY2up more than anyone else… thank you to Carol G and Martha M for all the love and encouragement that you gave to all of us over the challenge, you truly are our heroes.  We will be sending each of you a glass from the new Summer Series as a gesture of our deep appreciation.


BJ-day18Finally, in very real terms, the Winning Design of the 30 day challenge was chosen by all of you.  The bracelet posted by Lisa C shown above garnered five comments and a whopping twenty likes.  This added up to more approval than any other single composition

day6-RC-kashmirithrough the challenge and so we are delighted to award the top design award to Lisa for her bracelet that she describes as being composed of all the beads she finds tricky to use!  Your fellow Trollies must have recognized the difficulty of the task you tackled… there LJJ-patterns-day4really are some stubborn loners on there, and they look wonderful on your creation.  Bravo!  Lisa has already received a very coveted, transparent and whitewashed example of the “Aurora Flower” and we can’t wait to see what she creates to showcase its rare beauty.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge!





Feeling Inspired? Time for a little Design Challenge…


Ladies, dust off your bead trays… it’s time once more for a the 30 Day, Trollbeads Design Challenge!

IMG_5283Some of you may recall that around a year ago, I decided to take all my bracelets apart, and for a full month I created a new design each day using my own collection.  To my delight, a group of our Trollbeads friends from all corners of the Earth played along!


I am hoping that even more of you will join me this year, in unleashing your beads and discovering the creative potential that lies in your jewel box.  Trollbeads are so much fun to play with – let’s play!

IMG_5515Here’s how it works: 

1.  Choose which bracelets and necklaces you’re willing to take apart.  For some ladies, it might be the whole collection.  For others, some designs are sacred while others have never sat quite right and can easily be shaken up.  No pressure, do whatever you are comfortable with.

IMG_55332.  Photograph the designs you plan to disassemble.  This is a key step, as it saves confusion and heart ache later if you decide you’d really like that have that certain design all back together again.  The photo is your insurance policy that “you can always put it back”.  This is totally a no risk venture.  The photo doesn’t need to be art, just make sure you can tell what each bead is.

IMG_5523Now the really fun part.  Pull out a play tray or bowl, take a deeeeep breath, and let those beads fly free.  (don’t forget – you have photos!).  It’s a wonderful feeling!  Imagine if you wandered into your favorite Trollstore and came across all those gorgeous beads… what would you design with them now?  This is your chance to discover the

IMG_5539potential designs hiding amongst your collection.  Each day, take just a few minutes to tease together a fresh combination – necklace, bracelet, or whatever makes you happy at that moment.  Try to do something original each day, and don’t simply rebuild what you already know.  Stretch those creative muscles and take risks!

IMG_5513…Because here’s the kicker:  each day you make a bracelet, only to take it apart the next morning and start fresh again.  This frees you from designing only compositions that are easy, practical or wearable.  These are not meant to be long term commitments – these are ephemeral designs that can be fully enjoyed in an uncomplicated way, just for

IMG_5546the span of a few hours.  It’s this final element of the Challenge that really frees one to be a bit outrageous and mix colours that are far outside one’s comfort zone.

I am hoping that lots of you will want to play along with me, and share your designs with me.  Please send me photos of what you create!  Don’t just show me the victories – be sure to let me know what confounds you as well.  (Last year I really struggled to build an all-silver bracelet…).

Either send images to or share photos with the Tartooful family of Trollies on our facebook page.


But wait – there’s prizes!

IMG_5513Oh yes… the prizes… At the end of the month we’ll carefully comb through the facebook files and find the top few Trollies whose images have created the greatest chatter online.  So post away, and be sure to share your post with your friends online and ask them to like & share in turn.  The more chatter on your post, the more likely that we will be sending you Tartooful treats.  There will also be a prize awarded for the Trollie who offers the most support to the designers, sharing, liking and encouraging the ladies as they go through the month.

I can’t wait to get started, and I can’t WAIT to see what you will create.






Please Vote for Melanie!!!


Oh. MY.

Melanie Matthews’ gorgeous “Compass” design is among the finalists of the Peoples Bead contest this year!!!!

OUR Melanie!  From Tartooful!


We are soooo excited.  Please, please take a few moments to take a peek at her design and vote for it!  She’s too modest to ask you to vote for it when you pop by the gallery… but really – isn’t it so exciting?!  It’s designed to spin and rotate,  so you can set the compass in the direction of your dream trip.

“Spinning Compass The collection is missing a compass. A spinning compass to be precise! Dreaming of going somewhere, spin the compass for some direction. This silver bead would have grooved edges like a coin to enable easy spinning. The N, S, E and west would be on the edges and the central axis would spin on the core.”

check out all the finalists… and vote for Melanie Matthews 😉  HERE






Trollbeads News: Mothers Day Treats


If you’re like me, various parts of your Trollbeads collection will travel with you – whether it’s for a teatime beading playdate with a girlfriend, or a longer journey, Trollbeads are just a part of my daily life and they are never far away.

IMG_5508The challenge has always been how to transport my little gems.  I needed something small and elegant… with pockets to divide up my treasures… that unobtrusively fit in my purse… and if it was pretty that would be a wonderful bonus.


Ta-dah!  Here’s that perfectly crafted little pouch we’ve all been craving.


IMG_5505Made of yummy lilac satin, with black lining and the silver Trollbeads insignia inside, this drawstring pouch is exactly the elegant solution I was seeking.  Inside you’ll find six side pockets that neatly stow a bracelet each – or could wrangle rings, chains, earring and so on.  That still leaves ample space in the center of the bag to carry extra beads or additional items.  Simple and smart, I love it.  It can be opened up partway to create a satin bowl to contain your beads, or it can be flattened completely to provide an instant work surface for beadplay.


Now here’s the catch.  Like all the most desirable Trollbeads, this one is only available in very limited numbers… and only for a limited time.  We’ve decided to make these treats available to our customers who purchase a minimum of $100 between now and Mother’s Day – but only while supplies last!  We have a precious few of these little treats, and we can’t get more.

Ring us at 604.924.0122 or email us at to reserve yours!





Trollbeads Trunk Show at Tartooful April 10-14, 2014

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 9.54.08 PM


Tartooful has been a very busy place the last few days, as we have been working hard to put the finishing touches on our Spring Trollbeads Event, beginning today!  From today, April 10th 2014 until Monday April 14th we’ll be running a variety of very tempting Trunk Show pricing specials… Select one of:

  • Purchase three beads and receive a $33 credit towards the balance of your order.  To redeem this offer in our Tartoofultoo online shop enter coupon code “trollplay” at checkout!
  • Purchase a bangle and two stoppers and receive any silver core “diamond bead” as our gift.
  • Purchase a decorative clasp and receive a sterling foxtail bracelet chain as our gift.
  • Purchase any regular collection Fantasy necklace and receive your choice of one of selected Fantasy Pendants at no charge.


For more details on any of the Trunk Show pricing offers, or to place your order, please email us at or telephone us at the gallery at 604.924.0122.


The “main Event” of the Spring Trunk Show will take place on this Saturday, the 12th of April, from 11-5.  We’ll have Georgina Black of Trollbeads Canada visiting us and making custom Trollbeads in the gallery.  We will also be offering a grand prize of a White Lacquer Trollbeads Jewel box to the “Bracelet of the Day”, so wear your favorite composition, and be sure to tell us why you love it.  Finally, from 2-4pm we encourage you to bring a few beads along to exchange with other Trollbeads Collectors.  It’s a wonderful way to Spring clean one’s Trollbox, and get to know one’s fellow Trollies a little better!

We have wonderful selection in the gallery now, and can’t wait to see all of you!


In the Mood for a Little Trollplay? It’s Party Time!


…In the Mood for a little Trollplay?  We are!  Time for a Party!

Please Join us from 11 until 5 on Saturday the 12th of April for a day of Trolling that promises to be great fun… We have so many treats in store for you!

  • Book your appointment now for a custom glass bead made before your eyes by glass artist, Georgina Black of Trollbeads Canada.  To book your appointment drop by the gallery, phone us at 604.924.0122 or email us at  A portion of proceeds to benefit Microfinance.

  • Enjoy special selection for the day, with lots of new style uniques and a wide variety of natural stones in the gallery.

  • Everyone loves a SALE!  Purchase a Fantasy Necklace, and receive a selected Fantasy Pendant at no charge  OR purchase three beads and receive a $33 credit towards the balance of your order OR purchase a bangle and two stoppers to receive a silver core “diamond” bead in the colour of your choice – pink, white, black, ice blue or deep blue.

  • Show us your favorite bead compositions!  Wear your favorite design to the party and tell us why it’s special to you… Is it meaningful?  Beautiful?  Rare?  Does it tell a story?  We want to know.  Knock our socks off, and you could win the grand prize of a Trollbeads Jewelry Box!

  • Clean out your beadbox!  Do you have beads that just don’t seem to settle in properly?  No worries, bring them with you and between 2-4pm, enjoy some spirited trading with the other collectors, and perhaps your bead can be re-homed in exchange for something wonderful.  There are some amazing collections among our Trollies, you never know what might turn up!

  • Indulge in a glass of prosecco and a sweet treat while you browse, we can’t wait to see all of you and catch up!

This is one that you won’t want to miss, so mark you calendar, round up your girlfriends, and be sure to ring us for a custom bead appointment.  This is going to be fun….




Trollbeads news: Mothering Beads launch Today


Today we proudly unveil the 2014 Mothering bead designs from Trollbeads…

mothersday2The crisp, lavender and black faceted glass bead is sophosticated, cosmpolitan, and very “Yummy Mummy”.  This limited edition bead adds a beautiful, graphic note to black and white bracelets.  The lilac tone is so subtle and greyed that it works effortlessly as a neutral, but can be enhanced by placing it near other plum tones to

mothersday1give the impression of more intense colour.  The classically styled silver designs feature filigree patterning that is very au courant for current jewelery trends.  The disc shaped “Daylight” will pair well opposite the “Trollcoin” or “Dreamcatcher” on a bracelet design.  However, my preferred application for this bead would be at the

mothersday6bottom of a Fantasy Necklace.  This would display the whorl pattern to advantage… The Heart shaped “Caring Light” will be gorgeous on a conventional necklace, hanging just right and laying nicely against the throat.  However, it would also make a dramatic, comfortable and pretty centerpiece for a bracelet.  At CAD$66.00 it carries high impact for a very reasonable price.


Finally, for those of you who invested in “Stories of You” starter bracelets, and are still putting together compositions to showcase your “Faceted Aurora”s… these Limited Edition Lavender Facets make wonderful companions for the Aurora Series, adding a little structured pattern to their light, organic swirls… Be sure to choose your Lavender Facets early, if you are thinking of picking one for a Mother in your life, as these are sure to sell out far before the Canadian date for Mothers Day in May!


Trollbeads Inspiration… In With the New


new3A beautiful new wave of uniques arrived at Tartooful today, and my goodness they are breathtaking.  I quickly made up a selection of subtle blues, using my own silvers just to show off the array of patterns and colours that Trollbeads’ talented artisans have created for us.  Here you’ll find delicate wisps of glittering glass, shimmering

new11bubbles, and impossibly sparkly cores peeking through complex swirls.  These are beads for the detail oriented.  They are petite, the same scale as the small and beautiful series from last year.  I have read some criticism of the series for that reason, but I personally disagree.  The production beads are for the most part of generous

new6proportions, so if large beads are desired they are certainly available, in abundance.  I think it’s wonderful to have a range of sizes to choose from.  In addition, having tried my hand at making lampwork beads myself, I know how very difficult it is to make tiny, detailed beads like these.  Large beads are much more forgiving, with

new5 lots of space and time to correct little issues.  Tiny ones with so much detailed pattern are a tour de force of skill that leaves me awestruck at the talent of the Trollbeads glass artisans.  To me, the petite scale of these beads is a big part of what makes them so very special.  Of course, the sheer beauty of them is very compelling, too….


new12I will certainly be succumbing to one or two of these beauties for my own collection… the wispy spirographs are particularly tempting, with their subtle shade of blue, translucent glow, and rich sparkle among the strands of glass.  They are truly magical.  I can easily imagine using these to finish the ends of a bracelet, or possibly to

new10frame a Fantasy necklace composition that has been shortened to choker length.  I’m also thinking ahead to my daughters’ birthdays, as the small scale of these beads would suit their little bracelets perfectly.  (… and they fell in love with them at first sight!).  I was a little surprised when I began to see this series emerging in Europe, that they were only

new7available in groups of three, at $60 per bead.  We have opted to split up our kits so that our collectors may choose just the right bead, and we are charging only the usual price of CAD$45 per unique. 


These little beauties are so newly arrived in the gallery that we have not had a chance in individually photograph them and put them into our online shop.  If you are interested in one of the beads you see here, or are looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at, or ring the gallery at 604.924.0122 and we’d be delighted to hear from you.


All beads classic core uniques from Tartooful’s stock.

All silvers from Cathy’s personal collection.



Change is Hard.


IMG_4593What a ride we have been on the last few years.  Together Cristi and I have had many adventures, and we’ve experienced huge changes in both of our lives.  So much learned, so much achieved.   After today, Cristi is going to be heading off for a new adventure with her quirky, underbitten hound Remi in tow… at least for now.


IMG_4589Cristi, thank you for all the friendship, hard work, inspiration, encouragement and laughter.  I’ve been honoured to become a part of your life… and look forward to seeing where you go, and what you do next.  You are beautiful, smart, and so caring.  I love you dearly, and already I can’t wait for our next project as a team together.  xo C.