A Very Tartooful Christmas

We have had such an exciting time the last week or so at Tartooful…


Our long-awaited Maileg Pixies, mice in matchboxes and Princesses have finally arrived…( they’re a little jet lagged from Denmark, but can’t wait to go home with our customers!)


We just received beautiful new sparkles from the Mollard Collection, with rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from every era over the past century… platinum, gold, diamonds and coloured stones are shimmering in the shop, ready to bring smiles to faces on Christmas Day!


Don’t miss the subtle and lovely Pyrrha, made with care right here in Vancouver.  Using reclaimed sterling silver with designs from wax seals from the 19th century, these pieces carry deep meaning are will become treasured talismans.


Fresh new RedFlag bags and accessories with exclusive colours and designs also just arrived at the gallery.  Be sure to take the time to savour the meticulous details on each piece while you choose just the right item for your loved ones who are passionate about great design.


Anyone who has walked past the shop at night has stopped to gaze at the new pieces by Steelwood Design, glowing in the window.  This local atelier creates beautiful, functional pieces created from recycled wood and metal sourced from the North Shore.  Their lamps, benches, tables, servingwares and so much more are inspired by the raw beauty of the West Coast, and are perfectly designed for the way we live here.


There’s so much more in the shop than I can list here… delicate Shamila jewels, sweet hand beaded bracelets, and of course – lots and lots of gorgeous Trollbeads!

Come see us and let us help make your holidays magical this year… we’ll cheerfully help you find just the right thing for each of the people on your list, and have you wrapped and ready to go in a jiffy.

See you in the village!





Sale Day at Tartooful!

Hurray! It’s SALE day at Tartooful… and we’re pulling out all the stops.

Janna from Astrosatchel is joining us in the shop from 2pm til 8pm, and bringing her tickle trunk of fabulous Astrosatchel creations with her. For today only, Tartoofulers will enjoy a huge selection of her legendary bags, wallets, totes and more. Even better, all Astrosatchel will be specially priced at 15% off!

We’re so excited we decided to keep going and mark down practically everything in stock… Join us today for a Surprise SALE! You know how rare these are, so don’t miss out. If you can’t make it in for a visit person give us a call. (but then you’ll miss out on the champers and goodies…)

See you there!


Surprise Sale Today!


Tartooful is having a one-day SALE

to say thank you to our loyal Blog readers … (thank you thank you thank you…)

at least 15% off all of our in-stock goodies

PLUS we’ll donate all our profits from the sale of Kimono Beads to the Japanese Red Cross.

…But it’s just today, so don’t miss out!

See you in the Village!


Little Tartooful touches…

Quite possibly the perfect hostess gift

This time of year we all need little tartooful gestures for so many reasons… gifts for neighbours, teachers, and of course really original hostess gifts for the family who has everything.

Myself, I like Maileg’s Pixys for hostess gifts… Wine is really a bit silly:  the host will already have a bottle picked out to complement the meal, and the little pixy can become a Christmas tree decoration, reminding year after year of a happy evening.

Another brilliant solution may be found on our shelf of Tartooful pampering products… we have beautifully wrapped soaps by Avoca of Ireland or local soapmakers SoapTree of whistler… Lovefresh makes deliciously scented scrubs, wash and lotion using essential oils and pure, organic ingredients. A prettily wrapped pairing of lotion and wash makes a welcoming addition to a powder room, or a gorgeous, hot-pink pomegranate scrub is always a thoughtful gesture, as it’s a personal luxury that one doesn’t tend to buy for oneself…  Think of it as a way to encourage the hostess to take time for herself in this frantically busy season!

Finally, don’t forget the littlest people in the household – bring a little uglydoll action figure along to your dinner party to give the children something fun and new to play with…(and their parents a little break!)   The funny, ugly little faces will make everyone in the house smile….


The Return of the Timo Glass

The Timo Glass

I’m thrilled to announce the return of the Timo to Tartooful.  It’s been a  long wait, but finally we have the legendary glass back on the shelf.  It’s my all-time favorite Tartooful product:  useful, perfectly designed, beautiful and affordable.

The Timo Glass was designed by Timo Sarpaneva for Design House Stockholm.  Sculpted of solid, heat resistant borosilicate glass, this vessel is clear and feels wonderfully smooth in the hand.  The glass is designed to hold any sort of beverage, and feels equally appropriate for water, beer, soft drinks, wine, tea or coffee.  When he designed this piece, Timo Sarpaneva drew on all the wisdom and technical prowess of a long, storied career as a glass artist and industrial designer.  He incorporated subtle details that make the glass unbelievably tough, and so comfortable in the hand.  He picked a specific type of glass that allows for both hot and cold beverages, and stays perfectly clear and smooth even after a lifetime of trips through the dishwasher.  He sized it a very sensible 10 fl oz, allowing for a generous morning latte, or for an entire can of beer or soda to be poured into the glass at once.  Red wine swirls nicely around the bowl of the glass, releasing the full bouquet.  This is the one, brilliant piece that can replace every glass in the kitchen cupboard, streamlining storage and simplifying life in a beautiful way.  It’s the last glass you’ll ever need to buy.

All that, and you can buy a box of four of them for C$32.75

How perfectly tartooful.


To find out more, or to purchase, contact us:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122