Bermudian Jewels by Sara Morison


Art is always the heart of Tartooful… so we are delighted to invite you all to the opening celebration of our upcoming solo show featuring Sara Morison’s “Bermudian Jewels” Series.

the breeze smells of lavendar and hibiscus

Sara is a critically acclaimed North Vancouver artist whose work is a joyful expression of colour, form and kinetic energy… as she says:

“Painting is a visual conversation, a sensational dance, a moment, a feeling, an experience.
I love colour and the richness of ambiguity and incompleteness.
The spontaneous mark and the serendipitous transparent wash mingle
with frank opaque passages.

savour the good timesPlease join us on

12 June 2013


at Tartooful

to meet the artist, have a glass of bubbly and enjoy the spectacular art of Sara Morison.

See you in the village… C.

True North Shore: Francis Tremblay and Steelwood Design

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.32.43 PM

Join us for the opening celebration of “True North Shore” and come meet artist Francis Tremblay and designer Alexis Dodd of Steelwood Design.  Their inspiring work brings the best of the North Shore way of life into our homes…

Opening March 13th, 2013 from 5 til 8pm

at Tartooful – 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.  604.924.0122



A Very Tartooful Christmas

We have had such an exciting time the last week or so at Tartooful…


Our long-awaited Maileg Pixies, mice in matchboxes and Princesses have finally arrived…( they’re a little jet lagged from Denmark, but can’t wait to go home with our customers!)


We just received beautiful new sparkles from the Mollard Collection, with rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from every era over the past century… platinum, gold, diamonds and coloured stones are shimmering in the shop, ready to bring smiles to faces on Christmas Day!


Don’t miss the subtle and lovely Pyrrha, made with care right here in Vancouver.  Using reclaimed sterling silver with designs from wax seals from the 19th century, these pieces carry deep meaning are will become treasured talismans.


Fresh new RedFlag bags and accessories with exclusive colours and designs also just arrived at the gallery.  Be sure to take the time to savour the meticulous details on each piece while you choose just the right item for your loved ones who are passionate about great design.


Anyone who has walked past the shop at night has stopped to gaze at the new pieces by Steelwood Design, glowing in the window.  This local atelier creates beautiful, functional pieces created from recycled wood and metal sourced from the North Shore.  Their lamps, benches, tables, servingwares and so much more are inspired by the raw beauty of the West Coast, and are perfectly designed for the way we live here.


There’s so much more in the shop than I can list here… delicate Shamila jewels, sweet hand beaded bracelets, and of course – lots and lots of gorgeous Trollbeads!

Come see us and let us help make your holidays magical this year… we’ll cheerfully help you find just the right thing for each of the people on your list, and have you wrapped and ready to go in a jiffy.

See you in the village!





Once Upon a Sweater… (Happy Mothers Day.)

Once upon a time… there was an artist.

When she was young she tap danced, played piano and painted beautiful flowers using oil paint.  But the era was a lean one, and she grew up learning to be a practical, sensible sort of artist.

So her art was poured into useful objects:  dazzling quilts, meticulous embroidered pillowcases, perfectly even needlepoint upholstery,  spinning, a rainbow of hand dyed yarn, soft, hand woven blankets, and beautifully knit hats, scarves, mittens, socks and sweaters for all the fortunate members of her family.  Everything she created was out of her own imagination, and it all was beautiful.

She passed down a love of these beautifully designed and lovingly made pieces of everyday art to me, her daughter… and that is where Tartooful really began.

Sadly, like all of us, she got older… and her hands didn’t work for her the way they used to.  She couldn’t make objects that sang anymore, so the joy of creation was replaced with frustration.  She had a sweater, all hand spun and knit from wool that had arrived in her home as a grubby fleece.  It was almost finished, but without a pattern, not just anybody could complete the last rows.  Before she passed away she gave it onto a close friend, Audrey, another practical artist who always planned to finish the lovely piece.  But years passed, and eventually Audrey’s talented hands decided it was time to rest, too.  She in turn passed it on to another friend, Jan.  Jan understood that this was a special sweater, and found a way of making it even more so.  She couldn’t finish it the way it was started, so she searched for, and found someone to finally complete the sweater.

Then, when it was finished and perfect… she brought it to me, and gave it to me as a extraordinary Mothers Day gift across the years from my Mother.


The heartwarming story might have ended there… but there is just a little more to tell.  Shortly after receiving this amazing gift I wore it to Tartooful, and shared the story with the Trollies in the shop that day.  One of them, a beloved member of the Tartooful family named Nadine, was listening.  She decided to give me another special Mother’s Day gift… a tiny, precious reminder of the story of the sweater that I could wear everyday.

I’m humbled by the love that went into these two gifts.   They are an astonishing, beautiful reminder of our friendships that become family, and I’m truly grateful…. Thank you from the heart.

Happy Mothers Day…


Tartooful Art – “Sank-foo”

This week I had the pleasure and the privilege of creating an original artwork on commission.  It felt wonderful to be painting, and it was even more meaningful as this piece incorporates imagery and words that make it very personal to the family who will be receiving it.

“Sank-foo”  acrylic on canvas, 24″x62″ 2012.


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the opening of the “Art of the Fool on Wednesday night… it was wonderful to have so much support, and it made for a warm and wonderful evening.

Lots of the tartooful art “family” were there, including not only the artists participating in this exhibition, and their supporters, but also artists who have shown in the past.

It was a great opportunity to hear about the creative process for each piece, and find out what had inspired each artist’s approach.

I always enjoy catching up with all the artists in this kind of an informal gathering, hearing about their current projects and challenges, and talking about all things “Art”.  We are so fortunate at tartooful to have such a close knit creative community.

For those of you who didn’t make it out to the opening – you missed a great party, but most importantly you can still come to experience the Art of the Fool.  It is now showing at the gallery until November 22nd 2011.


The Art of the Fool: Opening Today

“Who’s Joking Who”, by David Camisa

“The idea presented itself during a game of cards in a dorm room in Texas, circa 1988. One pair of whimsical Winnipeggers, One Pair of trickster Texans and One colorful pair of fantastic Joker Cards, clowning around in a frivolous jape.
The art of the joker was just the ripple effect from a playful and friendly challenge between a couple of jesters, in the midst of a quip, while tripping on tomfoolery.

A Joker Card brings one to a world of charm and folly.  A collection of thousands is an inspiring, wildcard journey of grotesque proportions.
Be Amused…”

Please join us in celebrating the art of the Fool, in this fascinating group exhibition, co-curated by Greg Beaudin of  the Jokerworld collection and Tartooful’s own Cathy Church.

Come experience the works, either in person at Tartooful, or online at and


The Fool at Tartooful

Please join Tartooful and Jokerworld in celebrating

The Art of the Fool

Including original works inspired by the Jokerworld collection.  We are delighted to welcome the gifted Tartooful artists, including:

Louise Arnold, David Camisa, Lynne Green, Anne Griffiths,

Karyn Holyk, E. Andrea Klann, Kathryn Lissack,

Constance Pickett, Dallyn Rule and Rob Zylstra.

Opening Celebration Wednesday, the 21st of September, 2011, 5 til 9

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver  604.924.0122    &

New at Tartooful: The art of David Camisa

“Shipwrecked” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010. C$350.00

The series of recent works by David Camisa that arrived at Tartooful today are a beautiful and just slightly unsettling study in people and our relationship with nature.  This is a perfect fit for us, especially this year when we are finding such inspiration in the soft wildness of a west coast summer.  David’s biography says says:

“Born in Wales and raised in Canada, David spent his childhood watching cartoons and reading comic books, making it clear to him at an early age that art was his passion. He has continued to create art about people and all of their complex ways, finding inspiration in everything from Animation to Art Nouveau. Our relationships with each other and the world around us remain his main interest and subject.”

“On The Lookout” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$300.00

“Dangerous Ally”  Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$350.00

View the complete collection at the gallery:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604.924.0122 or online at



New Tartooful Artist: Maureen Carey

It is our great pleasure to welcome a new artist to the walls at Tartooful:  Vancouver’s own Maureen Carey.

Maureen’s truly original work blurs the line between craft and art… nature and artifice.  Her delicate pieces are composed of pressed blossoms, petals or leaves that are painstakingly hand sewn to paper and beautifully presented framed behind glass.

Every child has pressed flowers and leaves in books, only to come across them months or even years later.  The found treasure evokes the memory of that moment in the past… when, flower in hand, one chose just the right title and carefully smoothed the blossom into the perfect position.  Viewing these pieces one has a sense of nostalgia for an imaginary past.  The beautifully worked stitches that enhance and adhere each piece further evoke a past when embroidery was an art practiced by every young woman.

The sewing threads give an impression of permanence and strength to the most ephemeral of mediums.  It’s impossible to see her work without imagining the process in her studio, and how many delicate pieces don’t survive to be framed… Even the simple frame plays a role, formalizing each piece and affirming its elevated status as art piece.

We are currently showing a selection of her recent works, please come by to view and enjoy these extraordinary pieces.