Trollbeads Inspiration: Lily of the Valley… and Cookie.


IMG_9480I’d like to transport you to my morning garden, where just a short time ago I went walking, camera in hand, in search of Trollbeads design inspiration.  It had rained overnight, so fat pearls of water dotted the leaves.  A glittering chandelier of raindrops hung precariously from the tree banches above and occasionally scattered to the ground when the

IMG_9475moved by a breath of air.  The comfortable perfume of warm cedar surrounded me, rising up from the mossy path with every step.  A banquet of potential images before me… but what to photograph to share on the blog this morning?  The blush of the Rhododendron?  The last velvety blooms of the Primula Auricula?


IMG_9462No… those aren’t quite right for today… Suddenly I spotted the first, perfect Lily of the Valley, blooming in pristine white on rich green foliage and was stopped in my tracks.  In some ways the lily of the valley is rather like a Trollbead… Best enjoyed in intimate quarters, the closer one looks the more one is rewarded.  It’s subtle perfume can only be enjoyed when very near, and its tiny blossoms are quite magical in their intricate detail.  Crouching down, I cradled my camera and focused… and THEN:


“Hello, furry one… ”

IMG_9465Meet Cookie.  Not what you’d call the brains of the operation, but very social, very gregarious and very soft.  She has limpid green eyes, absolutely excessively large whiskers and a determination to enjoy as much human attention as possible.  There was no way that a lousy flower was going to get more attention this morning than her.


IMG_9473Dodging and weaving around this single minded and surprisingly nimble cat, I managed to get one good shot of the flower, and quite a few of the cat.  (Surprising in her nimbleness because of an old war injury – note the carefully carried paw…)  I decided to pick my battles… go with the flow… and take this opportunity to shamelessly post the cat.

IMG_9478When I arrived at the gallery this morning to review the photos I found myself smiling at the laptop screen… the Cookie photos are such fun – and the one and only shot I ended up getting of the flower is just right for a bracelet design.  It took no time to play

IMG_9479together a crisp white and emerald green design from current Tartooful stock that feels to me like my walk in the garden this morning.  The two “World Tour Denmark Anemones” beads are a perfect colour match, and almost feel as though they glow from within.  I added a few touches of gold for the rays of sunlight, and a few glistening, transparent glass elements for water drops.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Flower Lock” (retired form), “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Unique Glass”, “Dandelions”, “Unique Glass”, “White Stripe”, “Strawberries”, “Limited Edition Anemones” (World tour Denmark), “Milky Quartz”, “Limited Edition Anemones” (World Tour Denmark”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “The Diamond Bead, White”, “Unique Glass”, “Zanzibar” (retired), “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Unique Glass”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Green Prism”.

Really, the only thing that is missing… is the cat.

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