Trollbeads Inspiration: The Vogue Project Day 1

December-2013-Fashion-Magazine-Covers-PicturesDecember 2013 Vogue Cover

This week we take inspiration from that Grande Dame of fashion, Vogue Magazine.  If we only bought one publication a year, it would be the September Vogue… I’ve spent countless hours over the decades poring over that epic volume, garnering ideas about fashion, colour, decor, homes, food, and people.  The December issue is a close second for sheer daydream value, as it’s filled with gowns, jewels and cocktail worthy ensembles to fill a girls’ dreams.  Let’s take a peek inside the pages of this encyclopedia of current taste and find some images that teach us a little something fresh about colour….


day1-frontOur first image shows Pixy Geldof wearing a lush printed dress by Carven.  This page’s unusual palette caught our eye, as it has an intriguing combination of several trend colours that we can see being relevant well into the spring.







day1-bfmNote how the designer has blended several shades of cool greens with the warm parchment and spicy chestnut.  The claret lip, contrasted with the blush collar and nail brings this vintage feel garment firmly into the now.  The final touch is the slate blue background of the shoot, which resonates nicely with all the cool tones.

day1-slateblueI would have thought to blend the chestnut and green, or the chestnut and blue – but perhaps not all three, and the additional touches of claret, pink and parchment take the palette to an entirely new level.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  (The fourteen year old deep down inside of me is practicing that mona lisa smile in the mirror right now…)

day1-burgundyFor rich golden browns we reached for unique ambers, the slate blues were ably provided by our perennial favorites, “Azure Bubbles”, and the rich claret comes in the form of “Third Eye” and its companion Classic Core Uniques.  The myriad of greens are brought to the bracelet by “Black Flower Mosaic”, with its highly textured blue and olive

day1-slateblue2tones.  Even the dichroic glass accents in this example perfectly fit the needed palette.  The  gorgeous rich green unique at right is just what the bracelet needed to express not only the colours of  inspiration photo, but also the verdant print of Carven’s dress.  Finally, a hint of lilac pink is added by the “Golden Cave”.


The over sized and dramatic scale of the photograph’s jewellery dictated the style of the silvers for this composition.  “Opposites”, “Large Berry”, “Thoughts”, “Zanzibar” and “Transformation” shine in this role.  All the beads used for this project may be found online in our Tartoofultoo online gallery.


Oh – and in the spirit of the season we decided to add a companion cocktail ring to each bracelet… (As one does…) Here we showcase a lovely smoky quartz and yellow gold ring from the Mollard Collection of vintage jewels.  It makes me smile just to see it, it’s just delicious.

Tomorrow:  Vogue Day 2… Ciao darling, don’t ever change, we must do lunch.



Winter Trollbeads Ornaments now hanging in Tartoofultoo online!


We’ve been busy little pixys, photographing tiny perfect ornaments individually… that way all our favorite online Trollies can enjoy the same intimate view of the new glass that we have in the gallery at Tartooful.  Isn’t the above combination of crimson, gold and textured stone magical?  Take a peek at Tartoofultoo and discover Trollbeads Winter 2013…

Stay tuned for all the details on the beautiful Winter 2013 Release…




Trollbeads Inspiration: Red Letter Day


IMG_2583Only one sleep… and for some of you dear European readers that sleep is already mostly over!  I’m getting at today’s post a little late in the day.  Our big Autumn Trollbeads Event begins tomorrow, Friday September 13th (dun dun dun…) We can’t wait to have Georgina Black in the gallery, creating Trollbeads magic out of simple glass and flame.

IMG_2580For those of you who have not yet had a chance to see lampwrk glass bead making in person, it is totally fascinating and much, much harder than she makes it appear!

We’ve been sprinting about this week making preparations to welcome all of you to the gallery… tons of new uniques sit nestled in

IMG_2581neat rows waiting to find their way onto bracelets.  There’s amber uniques, phenomenal Trollbeads natural stones, glowing gold, the Fresh Autumn 2013 Trollbeads collection, and of course all our favorite production designs.


It wouldn’t be a Trollbeads Event without special pricing…

  • Sterling Foxtail bracelet ($48 value) as our gift to you with the purchase of a decorative lock


  • Group 1 credit ($33 value) with the purchase of a minimum of three beads.


…So come on down and pay us a little visit in the Village, phone us at 604.924.0122 to place a phone order or email us at to drop us a line by email.  Our online shop, tartoofultoo is participating as well, so meander over there to take a peek.

Hope to see you all!

Cathy, Cristi & Melanie


Trollbeads News: Autumn 2013 at Tartooful today

We are in love…

The Trollbeads collection for Autumn 2013 has arrived at Tartooful and we are in love with its’ stunning array of gorgeous colour and graceful silver designs.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 9.25.42 AM

With two, very different palettes of glass, as well as so many different moods of silver, there is something in this collection for virtually every design project.

ivory-violetIn this series Trollbeads has taken some of their traditional design forms to new levels, as well as explored some completely new design territory.  For example, in the “Ivory Violets” glass bead shown here there are wonderfully subtle shades of blue blended on each petal, but in addition, each flower is placed onto a opaque ivory disc that floats above the transparent core, casting fascinating shadows.  Traditional form, but taken to a new level of accomplishment.

native-elements-kitIn the  “Pod” beads shown among the “Native Elements kit” at right we can see Trollbeads  exploring new forms.  Here is a complex design with opaque core, transparent layer, and dots sprinkled on the surface.  The “pods” or organic forms that decorate the outside of the bead offer a unique look and texture.

purple-heaven-kitThe “Purple Heaven Kit” expands on the groundbreaking “Aurora” bead’s aesthetic, with stripes, flowers and bubbles in the distinctive, shimmering fuschia.  This kit is sure to become a favorite with our collectors, as it is absolutely beautiful and plays nicely with so many different colour palettes.

waterlilies-of-julyThe collection of silvers includes graceful flowers with pearl accents for each month of the year, as well as heartwarming “Grandma” and “Grandpa”.  In addition there is a new “Baby Buggy” design which will be welcome, as so many collectors seek out the long retired version.   The “Ghost Fighter”s are a nod to 1980’s video game culture… (hello, quirky!) but are satisfyingly small, round and smooth.  They are a good match for size for “I luv U”, a semi abstracted written form design.  Of course, the scene stealing, star of the collection is the slender bony fellow…

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 5.52.53 PMStay tuned for upcoming photos of some of the bracelets that we played together at Tartooful, starring all the new designs…


Trollbeads Autumn Collection September 6th…















Are you ready?

The light has made a barely perceptible change.  Here at our Northern latitude the sun is now much lower in the sky, throwing long shadows and feeling mellow and golden.  It can only mean one thing:  it’s time for the Autumn Trollbeads collection!

amberThe Fall series is always the most anticipated of the year, traditionally showing the strongest silver designs and the most exquisite glass.  It usually contains a number of silver and glass designs, and of course, a natural stone.  Based on the pre launch chatter, this year will not disappoint, and we cannot wait to show you all the new designs on Friday.

We can’t spill the beads beans now… so to keep you entertained until Friday, here are a few photos from around the gallery of sparkling things that are giving us joy.

citrineNew Mollard Collection:  Citrine and Diamond Marquise cut ring

koltonHandmade sterling chain with antler features by Kolton Design

smoky-quartzEmerald cut Smoky Quartz ring, from the Mollard Collection

tahitian-pearlsExtraordinary Tahitian Pearls… big, bold and dramatic from the Mollard Collection.

Stay tuned for all the new lovelies on Friday the 6th… or drop by and see them for yourself in the village!



Jeweller Creates Wearable Art: Kolton Babych at Tartooful


Did you spot Kolton Babych in the North Shore News recently?  That’s him in the photo above, with his beautiful jewelry and stunning prints behind him at Tartooful.

Submission 1Talisman Bangles in Sterling Silver

The North Shore News wrote a glowing article about Kolton and his design work, following the opening celebration of his solo show, currently on display at Tartooful.

mothprintFor more information about our talented new Tartooful artist, be sure to read Anne Watson’s excellent North Shore News article


Want.. Need.. Must have.. by Pyrrha!


Our collectors have discovered that Vancouver’s own Pyrrha makes a beautiful accompaniment to Trollbeads… and at the moment we have an extraordinary cuff by them that is making us drool at Tartooful!

IMG_1639This satisfyingly heavy piece features nine of their iconic wax seal talismans.  This cuff design is no longer made by Pyrrha, and as a retired design is very desirable and sought after by collectors.  Each piece of Pyrrha is meticulously crafted by hand in their Vancouver Studio of reclaimed sterling silver.

IMG_1635Seven of the images shown on the cuff are still in their current catalogue, but the remaining two are retired and their meaning is elusive… (If you know what they are, we’d love to know!)  The images are very large and rich in the center of the cuff, and taper to the smaller “Mini” size.

Amazingly, this cuff is priced at $975 – much less than the list price for their current collection cuffs of the same size, which range in the $1400s.  Can you imagine how gorgeous this piece would be with Troll?  (Drooling again…sorry.)

More photographs and information may be found on our Mollard Collection online gallery


Trollbeads Inspiration: The Aurora Necklace


DSCN7397With a little group of the lovely new Aurora Bangles in stock Thursday evening we were inspired to play a little, and came up with the idea of a focal point necklace.  Bold, dense and dramatic necklaces are so terribly chic right now, and We always think of

DSCN7415Trollbeads as being a tool kit to design and create whatever type of jewellery one wishes.  This was a good test to see how far we could take that!

It’s quite simple, really… we took three Aurora Bangles, sixteen stoppers, a pair of small size necklace chains, a basic clasp, and two “Frames” silver beads.

DSCN7414I know it sounds like a lot of stoppers, but it could be built with quite a few less. We had enough to do it this way, so we did.  The really key part of the structure is the “Frames” bead, which links the three bangles.  I love the contrast of the square frames with round

torque-necklaceforms of the bangles and stoppers.  Some of you many remember the Torque necklace that we designed some time ago, when the Bangle was first introduced.  This necklace is really the natural extension of that design.  The Aurora beads could be left off the center of each bangle for a cleaner, more purely modern and minimalist look, or conversely one could add a number of different, carefully selected beads.  The beads on the bangles would be secure without stoppers, and that would create another look as well.


In the end, games such as these are a great way of keeping one’s mind open to the possibilities of one’s collection.  It’s a little like Lego for the jewellery box:  play, have fun, see what your beads and chains can build… Create something beautiful!


New Trollbeads Limited Edition Aurora Bangle


“The colourful light of the North has always fascinated people, and there are many myths related to this beautiful, natural phenomenon. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.”


DSCN7395The eagerly anticipated, Limited Edition “Aurora Bangle” is released today, and we have these gorgeous treats in stock at Tartooful.  The set includes the sterling silver bangle, two sterling stoppers and an “Aurora” glass bead with silver core for CAD$199.95.


DSCN7397This represents great value, as the normal pricing for a bangle and two stoppers would be CAD$182.00 – meaning that one is paying only $17.95 for this exceptionally dramatic and lovely bead.  Keep the bead for yourself, and gift the bangle to someone else… or perhaps keep the bangle, and bestow the bead on another lucky Trollie, this is a wonderful chance to make a bangle purchase go that little bit further.

DSCN7408However, this is a Limited Edition, and we’ve been assured by Trollbeads that this bead will not be released either as an individual bead, or as part of any other promotional package… so don’t wait too long to act on this as stock is extremely limited.  It’s just too pretty to miss!



Trollbeads: Fresh for Spring

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 8.41.47 AM

We’re thrilled to be able to show off some yummy new stock today on our online shop, Tartoofultoo!


DSCN7302Raspberry pink is always hotter than hot, and with spring finally here, so many of us are reaching for those pretty florals and juicy colours… mix a couple of these delicious pinks with olive, grey or green for a fresh take on your serious winter bracelet…

DSCN7271Lots of our ladies have created compositions with subtle beauties such as Labradorite, Snowflake Obsidian, Organic Bubble and Green Jasper… Imagine how lovely a shimmering coral flower such as this one would look, tucked in among the soft greys and greens.  Just the thing to add a dose of “Spring” to your bracelet!

DSCN7330I’m absolutely in love with this bead… Its shades of lilac and pistachio are perfectly complementary, and the graphic punch of its “Magic Carpet” design adds great texture to a bracelet design.  Even its shape is interesting- it’s not round, but hexagonal.  I’d use this bead as the cornerstone for an entire bracelet design.

Better take a peek… these lovelies won’t last…