Trollbeads Challenge Day 9


IMG_1794Today I hankered for a soft, simple composition that felt calm and meditative.  I decided to start with a whispery soft Purple Jade for the very middle of the bracelet, and framed it with a pair of Labradorites.  That felt so perfect that I decided to carry on with only natural stones in the softest tones that could find in my collection.  IMG_1800

I wanted the silvers to have a similarly calm mood, so I used “Shortcut”, “Spot”, “Heart” and “Smiling Cylinder”, whose clean lines and smooth surfaces felt just right.





2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Challenge Day 9

  1. So funny…the comment I was going to post to you was “Ahhhh…”, as that was my reaction as I was admiring today’s creation….and then I saw the last line of your post! Mission accomplished; a beautiful, soothing bracelet. Very pretty.😊

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