Trollbeads Challenge Day 7


Today I am replaying a concept from previous Challenge years… I’m trying a bracelet design using only my most petite beads.  It’s difficult to really get a sense of scale from the photos, as all the beads are around the same size, but all of today’s players are tiny.  I included “Small & Beautiful” glass, my very smallest silvers and mini ambers.


IMG_1792Last year I tried this same approach, and the result was a bracelet that felt surprisingly different from my usual compositions.  It was super light, and the itty bitty beads were tactile and wonderful.  My difficulty in creating that design was that I simply didn’t own enough tiny beads to create a palette and pattern that was pleasing to my eye.  My conclusion then was that I “*needed* more small & beautiful beads!  Over the past year I have kept my eyes open, looking for great additions to this niche of my collection, and as a result this year’s bracelet looks very different.

This is an absolutely fantastic bracelet for me… I love the way it feels, love the featherweight size and the colour combination makes me so happy.  There’s only one problem – I’m using lots of beads that I love to wear in other combinations… I can see that for the next little while my beads will be doing lots of chain hopping as I rearrange often!




One thought on “Trollbeads Challenge Day 7

  1. My mini-amber bracelet is a permanent one that I stack with other Troll bracelets because it is so light. I love the S&B beads!

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