Trollbeads Challenge Day 2


Day one’s daunting greens were such hard work for me… I decided to play something together today that was pure joy and really oh so easy.


IMG_1733Truthfully, this bracelet practically built itself and threaded itself right onto the chain… warm, teal blues and golden yellows are perfect complementary tones, and are among my most beloved colours for Trollbeads.  It took me years to understand the appeal of the amber-y yellows, but once I started I didn’t look back!  I now have enough in my collection for at least two full bracelets of these toasty colours alone, and I love every single bead.  The problem, of course, is that if I put them all together on one bracelet… I can’t use them as complementary beads for my blues, purples, greens and so on.

IMG_1734It was during the course of another Challenge, a few years back that I came to the profound conclusion that “I NEED More Yellows!”… and I have been watching, stalking and lying in wait for special yellows ever since.  I’ve added quite a few to my collection since that Challenge year, and I have a feeling that there are still more amber and yellow toned beads in my future…There are just too many combinations that benefit from the addition of a light and deft touch of honey golden yellow.  Oooo imagine if one had enough Grey to tease together an entire grey and yellow combination…


The hint of tangerine hiding in the depths of this yellow bubbles bead always gives me joy!


This one isn’t an Azure Bubbles, but rather a Classic Core Unique!  It must be cousin of some sort though…


Ta da!  A well behaved group of teal and golden yellow…




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