Trollbeads 14 Day Challenge Day 1!


It’s the very first day of the Annual Trollbeads Challenge at Tartooful!  This year we are presenting a fast & furious, lean & mean version that will last only 14 quick days.  It’s our hope that by doing an abbreviated Challenge, even more of you will take the time to play along with us, and share all of your inspired and inspiring designs on facebook and instagram.


This year there’s not a single day to waste, so I’d better jump right in the “deep end” of the Challenge.  There are certain colours and combinations that always seem to be a bit tougher for me to pull off effectively.  Despite having a nice group of soft green beads, I never seem totally happy with the bracelets that feature them.  I decided to begin my challenge by tackling these persnickety greens head on.


IMG_1710I played with a few different sets of neutrals to try to soften the impact of the greens, and settled for today on a group of blacks, greys and gently golden browns.  These are all beads that are normally locked down on my favorite, daily wear bracelets: my all-amber design, and a “nearly” black and white that gets worn almost every day.  It’s a treat to have these familiar beads loose and available to experiment with new options.  It’s almost like finding them all over again!  Over the past year I added a few newbies to my collection of greens and it’s fun to see how they all work together.


IMG_1708Overall, I’d say I’m happy with how this design worked out… I’d definitely enjoy wearing this design.  Normally I love to look at these greens, but just can’t seem to get the hang of actually wearing them… but the soft warm greys make a huge difference to how I experience this shade of green.  With the addition of warm dark neutrals the green feels much calmer, and much more natural.  (Silly really – if any colour ought to feel natural, it’s green!  Perhaps I am mentally matching it up with pastel pinks, lilacs and blues like an Easter bonnet?)  Regardless… lesson number one this year for me is: “Find More Grey!”


IMG_1709What have you discovered on day one?  Do let us know!



2 thoughts on “Trollbeads 14 Day Challenge Day 1!

  1. I always throw a gray bead or two – a light toned smokey Quartz being a favorite – on “too bright” bracelets. Your designs are always gorgeous, though. I look forward to and am very inspired by your photos.

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