Are you ready to take The Challenge?


It’s almost May, and that means it’s time again to take up The Challenge!  (Dun Dun Dunnnnn…..)

The objective is to find new inspiration and new possibilities in your collection of Trollbeads.  The method and rules are simple – and meant to be bent!


  1.  First, decide which designs you would like to take apart.  Perhaps it’s bracelets that you love, but never wear.  Perhaps it’s ones you used to wear but now find a little boring… or maybe it’s ones that have just never settled in your mind.  Some people take everything apart, others choose certain parts of their collection and leave other parts complete.  There’s no right or wrong way – just choose whatever you’d like to play with!
  2. Lay out the designs that you plan to take apart and photograph them.  That way, you have a permanent record of your designs, and after the challenge if you like, you can put them all back together again.  This is KEY… it makes the challenge an absolutely risk free, no-stress affair.
  3. Unleash!  Breathe deeply, and take ’em apart… feel the freedom!  I like to lay my beads out on a play tray like an artist’s palette, so I can see exactly what I have to work with, but whatever works for you is perfect… (Hey, if you want to put them all in a big pile and and roll around in them, who am I to judge?!)
  4. Start to play!  Every day take a few moments to put together a fresh design from your collection, and enjoy it just for one day.  Take a photo so that you can remember your new designs and share them with us on our facebook page or via instagram (@tartooful, #trollbeadschallenge).  (If you don’t “do” facebook you can email them to us at and we can upload them for you).


This year I am making one BIG change to The Challenge… Over the years I have heard from a number of people that they shy away from participating because of the long time period involved – traditionally we have carried it through the entire month of May.  This year we are switching it up and trying an intensive, Fourteen Day Challenge to entice all of you to join in and play along!

So… Starting on May 1st, join us in The Challenge!  Unleash your bracelets and indulge in some Trollplay!





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