Trollbeads News: Animale Fantastico August 14th, 2015!


fantasy-frog-pendantWe are pleased to announce that the the Trollbeads Animale Fantastico Collection will launch August 14th, 2015!

This new collection offers an exciting assortment of new Fantasy Necklaces and Pendants.  The Animale Fantastico series includes new pendants in themes of animals: frog, cat, fish, elephant and mouse.  Collectors may choose to wear the pendants as they are, or they can be mixed and matched for something entirely new – like a “Frouse”, or maybe a “Frelephant”.


In addition, two new Fantasy Necklaces are being introduced, one featuring a beautiful and very coveted Amethyst stone, and the other with a stunning Malachite stone. Both Fantasy Necklaces are going to be part of the permanent collection and available in seven lengths.


Do visit our online shop to view the entire, gorgeous collection… we are now accepting pre orders there, as well as in shop, via email – – or over the phone:  604-924-0122.


3 thoughts on “Trollbeads News: Animale Fantastico August 14th, 2015!

    1. Hi Lucy, I looked into the question and the good news is that the pendants will also all be entering the permanent collection! The more I think about it the more fun these will be: imagine mixing with the Night Owl pendant, or this Spring’s Fish… The new Frog would look adorable standing in the Giant Lotus…

      1. Thanks! That’s great to know. I didn’t want to have to panic buy and make the wrong decision. At least now I know I have time to see them all in the flesh and make an informed decision. I’m currently leaning towards the fish at the moment, but that could always change!

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