30 Day Challenge: Day 29 – The Gratitude Bracelet


IMG_9853Many years ago now, I was at the life celebration of a dear friend who was taken from this world far too young.  We were all doing our best to maintain our composure, and express the happy, positive attitude that our friend epitomized… when a song she had chosen by the artist Dido began to be played.


“I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life”

IMG_9852Here we were, gathered to express our gratitude for her beautiful life, and in the midst of our grief, she thanked us.  It was a powerful moment, a devastatingly beautiful and emotional moment… and an experience that will never leave me.  It taught me a critical lesson in the enormous power and strength of gratitude.


IMG_9854We are very close to the end of the 30 day challenge… and I wanted to take time now, before it is all over for another year, to make up a gratitude bracelet.  This design is composed entirely from beads that have been gifted to me.  Of course, there are too many beads from my lovely community of Trollie Friends to fit them all on just one bracelet…but this composition can be a symbol of all the love that can be carried on each of our bracelets.



Clockwise from clasp:  “Chess Lock – from Melanie”, “Unique Amber – from Lisa”, “Heart – from Greg”, “Unique Glass – from Krista”, “Ball of Yarn – from Nadine”, “Unique Amber – from Nadine”, “Unique Artisan Bead – from Georgina”, “Unique Glass – from Paddy”, “Deck of Cards – from Trollbeads Denmark”, “Violet Petals – from Lisa”, “Retired Turquoise Dot – from Melanie”, “Unique Glass – from Laurie”, “Paradise Birds – from Phillis”, “Unique Glass – from Cristi”, “Unique Glass – from Trollbeads Denmark”, “Unique Glass – from Lisa”, “Smiling Cylinder – from Eric”, “White Steel – from Rob”, “Zanzibar – from Greg”, “Rosa Pearl – from Nadine”.

To all of you who have contributed to both my collection of beads, and my collection of beautiful days… Thank you.




5 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 29 – The Gratitude Bracelet

  1. I, for one ,am very grateful for your friendship, for your knowledge
    and wisdom ( about Trollbeads and about Life in general ) and your always
    gentle advice and caring manner.
    Thanks for the many wonderful visits with you at the store over the years!
    I so enjoy visiting with you and the girls ( Teemo included)

  2. Well said, Heather! I couldn’t agree more… You are one in a million, Cathy!! Thanks for all that you do and all that you are! xo

  3. Very well said Heather………to the bottom of my heart !!
    Cathy, I always see light bulbs (englihtenments) after chatting with you 🙂
    Thank you !!

  4. I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by Heather and Nadine. I, too, am thankful to have spent many a good visit with you and having one of our kitchen table talks. I am also thankful for the many assists you have given me with my Troll Beads. I always look forward to making the trip across the water to you and wonderful Teemo. To her, too, go my thanks for the many excited greetings she has bestowed upon me. Both of you are coming straight from your hearts.
    I have enjoyed following the 30 day challenge, although only as a spectator.

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