30 Day Challenge – Day 14

IMG_9583I’m all about that amber… (no glass!)

IMG_9581I was so pleased with yesterday’s bracelet, I’ve let it go to my head!  I decided to dive in and give it another whirl, this time playing only with my amber beads… which to my surprise, now number enough beads for an entire bracelet.  (That is becoming sort of the theme of this year’s challenge – “Whaaat?  I have this many of these?”)

IMG_9582Pattern Building

IMG_9578In order to create a bracelet that satisfied my need for pattern and balance, I sorted my ambers more or less into pairs by colour, size and clarity.  Then I centred a favorite, barrel shaped alabaster amber and worked my way out, trying to make a pattern and maintain balance as I went.  The completely random bracelet is still beyond me – perhaps this year that should be the ultimate challenge for me!

IMG_9580I find the warm and natural tones of the amber to be very calm and soothing – so I thought I would indulge in some more richly patterned silvers whose busier designs could sing in contrast and harmony.  I placed the Anniversary Bracelet “Two Trolls” and the “2014 Trollbeads Day Trolls” opposite each other for additional emphasis.

IMG_9576Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I am once again surprised by how much I like the tactile feel of this bracelet – it’s shockingly light!  It feels completely different from my usual, much heavier compositions of glass and silver, with only the occasional amber.  Now I think I would love to work towards a full necklace of these beauties…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Sterling Double Lobster Clasp” (retired format), All beads amber!  Silvers as follows:  “Bee on Hive” (retired), “Limited Edition Two Trolls”,  “Zanzibar”, “Zanzibar”, “Trollbeads Day 2014”, “Bee on Hive”.


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