Trollbeads Inspiration: Mint Julep


Mint Green.  It’s a conundrum for me… I love to look at it, but so rarely actually *wear* it.  I find it appealing, but oh so sweet.  Its’ straightforward, clear prettiness is nothing like the hazy, muddy tones to which I am so often drawn.  Perhaps it’s just too cheerful?  Ridiculous, right?  So I sat down to create a design that uses lots of that gorgeous minty green, but in a way that would be delicious even to a soft colour addict like me.  I looked for inspiration and thought of a mint julep – lots of mint, but with a dash of bitters….


IMG_9388I felt spoiled for choice when selecting the minty greens… so many beautiful designs from which to choose!  I  found a super soft and beautiful “Amazonite” as a key element for the bracelet, and added an “Anemones”, as well as two designs from the Spring 2015 series.

IMG_9386“Spring Wave” adds a nice texture contrast to the floral of “Anemones”, while “Seabed” echoes the gold that dots the metal beads.  My goal was to “cut” the sweetness of the green with lots of subtle neutrals, and amplify the impact of the gold to give the overall looke of the bracelet design a grownup edge.  With closer inspection, sophisticated patterning such as found on the swirled and glittered butterfly unique delights the eye.  Greyed browns such as “Smoky Quartz” and the Limited Edition “Christmas 2012” glass, ground the composition, and give it some visual heft.

IMG_9383Lots of mint, but with a dash of bitters…

IMG_9385Finally… the gold.  Of course, gold is pretty much always a good thing – but here it really does take the bracelet to another level.  The iconic “Daisy Bead”, with it’s perfectly imperfect petals… the incredibly detailed retired “Nightingale”, the ying & yang of the “Happy Fish”, the luscious leaf patterning of the “Flowers” bead…(They never show the leaves in the stock photo…) …they’re all gorgeous.  Even one of these beads is a showstopping presence, so a whole group of them like this is just stunning.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Heart Lock”, “Seabed”, “Happy Fish Bead, Silver and Gold”, “Unique”, “Black Gold”, “Anemones”, “The Nightingale”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012 Glass”, “Amazonite”, “Milan”, “Spring Wave Bead”, “Blue Desert”, “The Daisy Bead”, “Black Silk”, “Unique Glass”, “Smoky Quartz”, “Flowers Bead, Silver and Gold”, “Unique Glass”.

All beads shown in today’s blog post are in stock at Tartooful as of 28 April, 2015… do drop us a line if you are tempted!  604-924-0122, or see you in the Village…




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