Trollbeads Inspiration: Like Honey for the Eyes


IMG_8151I fell in love with a grouping of ooey gooey caramel sweet beads today… they were lit up in a shaft of sunshine, and cast little pools of golden light on the table.

IMG_8153Although there is a blend of amber, clear, metallic and even opaque glass,

somehow it all feels cohesive.  The repetition of the “Luminous” bead helps to give a pleasing rhythm to the design, and it’s so interesting to see the variation from one example to another.  With honey amber, cherry red glass, cinnamon sparkle and rich butterscotch, this is an utterly delicious bracelet!


IMG_8151I wanted the attention to stay on the gorgeous blend of golden colour, so I kept the silvers very bold yet simple.  The lovely new “Path of Life” and “Large Berry” balance each other on either side of the bracelet design, and a pair of “Giant Lotus” frame the central grouping of beads.

IMG_8163I have found these big beautiful silvers most useful on bracelets, for framing centerpiece beads.  If the beads are very large one can put even just one bead between the silvers.  In a case such as this, where the beads are a more standard size, I spread the silvers a little wider, so one doesn’t drown the focal point beads.  I always prefer to cradle very clear beads in the “Giant Lotus”, to allow the light to go in and reflect back out again in a wonderfully glowing sort of a way…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Luminous”, “Golden Cave”, “Large Berry”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Golden Hemanite”, “Giant Lotus”, “Unique Amber”, “Luminous”, “Unique Amber”, “Luminous”, “Unique Amber”, “Giant Lotus”, “Goldstone” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Unique Amber”, “Path of Life”, “Golden Cave”, “Luminous”.




4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Like Honey for the Eyes

  1. I’ve not seen the luminous bead in the flesh yet, but going by these images I think it will be going on my wish list. I thought from the stock images that all the faceted series were too complicated in design for my taste, but these luminous beads look beautiful

    1. Hi Sue, the relative simplicity of the base pattern on this bead design makes it a little calmer than the rest of the series, and the very natural tones of the honey colours allow it to blend nicely with my amber collection… a most useful bead, indeed! I have so enjoyed having a range of them here in the gallery, so I could see how its expression varies from one example to another… thanks for looking in on the blog! xo Cathy

  2. Cathy, I just love how you put beads together so that they make a bracelet – or necklace – that gives me lots of inspiration to create my own combinations. I love those ambers and the luminous delight is one of my favorite beads from what I think is the best kit that Trollbeads has put out recently or maybe ever. Usually there are one or two beads in a kit that I don’t really love so much or not at all, but I love all of the beads from the Eastern Facet Kit, even the River of Life and the Hope Facet which I initially disliked I now love. But the Luminous Delight was the first one that attracted me, the first one I bought and still my favourite.

    1. Hello Lori,

      isn’t it funny how over time one comes to admire different beads? At first I was certain that the “Moonlight Facet” would be my favorite from that kit – but now it’s definitely “Luminous”! Thank you for your kind words and continued support, I so appreciate it! xo Cathy

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