Trollbeads Inspiration: Transition


IMG_6933We’ve all been there…

this morning I stood before my open closet, completely bewildered as to what to wear.  Today was the first day of school for our North Vancouver kids, and right on schedule, we woke up to a grey and rainy day.  After what felt like an unusually long and beautifully war and clear Summer, we are

IMG_6934finally, really, settling in to Autumn.  So.  What to wear?  It’s not really cold yet, and the sunshine of the past season hasn’t quite faded from mind yet.  On the other hand, the leaves are starting to turn around the edge, the dark is coming earlier and earlier, and the shop windows here in Edgemont Village are filled with Autumnal treats.

IMG_6936I will never understand how I can be so flummoxed by this every time the seasons change.  It’s as though I completely forget what I used to wear.  What felt good this time last year?  Surely those pieces must still be hiding in my wardrobe?  I envision myself updating them artfully with a well chosen accessory, and sailing out the front door a vision of seasonal style… and one day that may actually happen.  Today however, I do have a few good ideas on how to transition one’s Summer bracelet to a wonderful, early Autumn composition!


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.23.41 PMMost of us have fallen in love at some point or another with some of Trollbeads’ gorgeous turquoise toned beads.  Here I showcase a range of beads in that lovely colour, including the Spring collection’s “Ancient Palace”, a couple of yummy uniques and the

IMG_6939very tricky, limited edition “Daydream Blossom”.  I took the cue from the blossom bead, and added a range of spicy tones.  For these I reached for my favorite golden and cherry toned ambers, as well as the new “Brown Yellow Chalcedony”.  Two of the new faceted beads for Autumn of 2014 offer complex pattern and a touch of sparkle.  The overall look is still warm and full of sunshine, but the rich chestnut tones and deeper teals mark this as an Autumn composition, not Summer.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Spiritual Temple Lock”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Unique”, Unique Amber”, “Rolling Waves”, “Luminous Facet”, “Unique”, Brown Yellow Chacedony”, “Transformation”, “Unique Amber”, “Daydream Blossom”, “Unique Amber”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Red Tigers Eye”, “Ancient Palace”, “Unqiue”, Lotus Top”, “Unique Amber”, “River of Life Facet”, “Turquoise Prism”.

All beads currently in stock at Tartooful.


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