Trollbeads News: Our Troll Heroes Are….


We just completed our second annual 30 Day Trollbeads Challenge… and were delighted by the high level of participation and talent among our ladies!  You girls are amazing.


You may recall that at the beginning of the challenge we promised prizes… well, after seeing all your incredible designs and witnessing all the love given on the facebook page, we now have a fresh crop of Troll heroes that we would like to honour with Troll Treats.


CG-day13First, we’d like to thank all of you who send in images to share with our readers.  Every single bracelet, bangle and necklace added up to an amazing event and we couldn’t have done it without you.  However, we would like to recognize Brigitt and Rebecca for

LC-DAY2participating every single day of the challenge!  This is so hard to do, and I know both of these ladies have full calendars, so it’s even more appreciated.  Not only did they each send in a bracelet every day, but they did so despite travel plans through the month.  Each of these troopers will be receiving a glass from the new Summer series of glass as a heartfelt thank you from Tartooful.


martha-day8The next category of prize awards go to the ladies who tirelessly supported those who participated.  Many of our best supporters were also busily creating designs and sharing them, but there were two names that came

PY-DAY2up more than anyone else… thank you to Carol G and Martha M for all the love and encouragement that you gave to all of us over the challenge, you truly are our heroes.  We will be sending each of you a glass from the new Summer Series as a gesture of our deep appreciation.


BJ-day18Finally, in very real terms, the Winning Design of the 30 day challenge was chosen by all of you.  The bracelet posted by Lisa C shown above garnered five comments and a whopping twenty likes.  This added up to more approval than any other single composition

day6-RC-kashmirithrough the challenge and so we are delighted to award the top design award to Lisa for her bracelet that she describes as being composed of all the beads she finds tricky to use!  Your fellow Trollies must have recognized the difficulty of the task you tackled… there LJJ-patterns-day4really are some stubborn loners on there, and they look wonderful on your creation.  Bravo!  Lisa has already received a very coveted, transparent and whitewashed example of the “Aurora Flower” and we can’t wait to see what she creates to showcase its rare beauty.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge!





3 thoughts on “Trollbeads News: Our Troll Heroes Are….

  1. Thank you Cathy for the bead prize! I will cherish it because it came from you and it will always remind me of this years Challenge. It was truly a pleasure to participate and to see the beautiful and creative bracelet compositions that the Tartooful Trollies came up with!

  2. What a lovely and generous surprise! Thank you so much for the prize bead, but also for hosting the design challenge. I learned so much, experimented, was inspired by the wonderful designs that you and others created (many have been saved for future reference), and have some new bracelet combos that I love. I really appreciate your dedication to Troll and the sense of fun and experimentation that you inspire.

  3. Sorry I am a little late with my “thank yous”. For everyone who selected the like button for my bracelet I am truely grateful. For health reasons I was not able to keep up with the competition in it’s entirety but I sure enjoyed the challenge and all the amazing creations. To Cathy a big thank you my bead prize is already at play.

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