Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 26


Day 26 saw a very simple little leather combination….


I wanted to play together a few neutral greys and various tones of white in a very gender neutral approach.  I felt I hadn’t reached for my retired “Brown Dot” enough through the challenge, and this makes such a nice home for it.

IMG_5980This includes a few beads as “greys” that I hadn’t really thought of that way prior to the challenge… for example, the “Blue Desert” at left was firmly established as a Navy bead in my mind, but through this process I’ve come to use it as a slate grey, and even as a copper.  The Labradorite at left is often used as a grey, but the more slate blue one always lived with my blues prior to being laid out on a play tray with an objective eye.


This is a wonderfully wearable combination, that one could energize at will with  the odd brilliantly toned bead.  Drop a couple of persimmon orange, bright turquoise or clear yellow beads into this design for a completely different feel….



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