Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 2


Day 2 and I had an idea that I had been wanting to try for some time… so today was the day.

IMG_5582I’d always hankered to experiment with a composition made up purely of “Azure Bubbles” and “Desert” beads.  I knew I had just enough in my personal collection to pull it off, but somehow had never taken the time to sit down and give it a whirl.  (Note to self, be sure to remember to take the time to stop and sniff the beads…)

IMG_5586So today I was feeling almost smug, as I sat down to try what was surely going to be a stunning combination.  However.  Instead I think I learned the first lesson of this year’s challenge…. because I wasn’t exactly stunned with the result!  Don’t misunderstand me:  I love love love every single one of these beads.

IMG_5583I received lots of compliments from ladies who saw it at the shop, and on paper it ought to be gorgeous.  However, I’m just a little…. underwhelmed.  Even bored…. with the overall effect.

IMG_5584I think it might be that these beads are pretty all together, but in my opinion really sing when given something with a little contrast to make them pop a little more.  I usually combine the softest Azures with other slate blues and lots of clear, honey ambers, and I think that the complementary golden tone makes the Azures simply glow.

IMG_5580So… lesson learned.  Moderation can be a good thing, and Azures play nicely with others!


4 thoughts on “Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 2

  1. I know what you mean, I usually prefer more contrast in my combinations, rather than blended colours. I think you could rework this one to have more contrast. Even if you just switched the pink desert with the dark brown desert, you’d see a difference!
    Wish i could do this daily challenge, but my photography is too dependent on the weather.

    1. You’re probably right- and I can tell by your response that it would be great fun to have you at the gallery for a design session! Don’t feel that you have to send us a photo every day to participate, everyone plays at their own pace and by their own rules… If you would be willing to share an occasional snap we would love to see some if your compositions! Thanks for following along, and writing in… xo Cathy

  2. Well I do like it 😉
    But then I am a fan of tone on tone.
    And I don’t think you can go too wrong with trollbeads.
    I might even try picking blindly out of a silk pouch and see what happens…

  3. It think it is gorgeous! I tend to have more contrast in my bracelets, but I find this really beautiful and soothing, as so many of your designs are!

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