Is Your Trollbeads Collection Conceptual or Practical?


It’s a question that has arisen more than a few times over the past couple of weeks… is your Trollbeads collection more “Conceptual” or “Practical”?  If this isn’t a topic that you’ve considered before, you may not be familiar with the dilemma.

buddha_braceletWe’ve noticed over the years that there are certain bead designs, and types of compositions that lend themselves to daily wear – the white tees and blue jeans of the Trollbeads collection, if you will.  Then there are other bead designs that are destined only for more occasional wear.  What’s a Trollie with broad tastes to do?


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.47.53 PM“The Buddha Bracelet” – by MS – photographed at Tartooful 2010.

py-12We’ve remarked before on beads that are best enjoyed as tiny, perfect sculptures.  Examples include the “Seer” the “Buddha”, and the “Juggler”.  They invite display on a acrylic stand – imagine how fascinating to have a grouping of these miniature objets d’art on a side table.

Understand that I love these beads… everything about them – flat bottoms and all.  In my collection there is room for all sorts of beads; daily use ones as well as the ones that I will enjoy viewing more than wearing.  That is truly the heart of the matter.

py-9“Alice in Wonderland” bracelet design by PY, photographed at Tartooful 2012.

tibet-scurve“The Tibet Bracelet” by JR photographed at Tartooful 2012

Whether it’s a single bead, or an entire composition that only gets worn on occasion, the important thing is to enjoy your collection.  Enjoy wearing those go-to designs, those “Practical” pieces that work effortlessly with your busy life… and equally enjoy those “Conceptual” ones that give you joy every time you glance at your dressing table.  Like a fabulous pair of stilettos, or the perfect shade of red lipstick, those trickier bracelets are just right for certain occasions.

midnight-circle“Midnight Blue Bracelet” by Tartooful November 13th, 2012

So give yourself permission to let go of any misplaced guilt, and revel in those compositions every day when you see them, knowing they will be waiting for you when the moment is right.

Today we’ve offered some fabulous examples of more “Conceptual” designs – total eye candy!  Stay tuned tomorrow for an equally beautiful bracelet that is destined for everyday enjoyment.


3 thoughts on “Is Your Trollbeads Collection Conceptual or Practical?

  1. What a treat to see so many beautiful bracelets in one day! I love your comments about enjoying those rarely worn bracelets for the works of art that they are. I have an orange, red and amber one that delights me whenever I see it and is a joy to wear when I have just the right outfit to go with it. In fact I love to buy tee shirts to go with my bracelets so that I can wear them more often!

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