My Trollbeads Today

photo 3

Usually my bracelet compositions last a few days or a couple of weeks at most… but I have been in love with this combination for months.  Even with the change in seasons, this bracelet still is on my arm several days a week.  I’ve added one here, edited another there, but the basic theme of slate blue and honey gold continues to delight me.

photo 1

Clockwise from clasp:  “Peacock Pearl” (Limited Edition), “Family of Mushrooms” (World Tour Lithuania), “Azure Bubbles”, “Unique Amber”, “Blue Desert”, “Silver Bead with Garnets” (retired), “Azure Bubbles”, “Labradorite”, “Jugend”, “Unique Amber”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Golden Quartz”, “Auspicious” (World Tour Hong Kong), “Labelled Labradorite – suspected Sapphire…”, “Brown Desert (retired), “Chinese Zodiac Rooster” (Limited Edition), “Azure Bubbles”, “New Unique 2014 – Blue Galaxy”, “Happy Fish” (retired), “Russian Pink Amber” (limited Edition).

The whole thing was inspired by the pair of richly ribboned, pale blue and toffee coloured “Azure Bubbles”.  (These days it always seems to start with an Azure…) Then I purchased the darker Azure that is in the center of the bracelet when I was in New York in September.  During the Autumn the navy “Blue Desert” appeared in a shipment at Tartooful… two of the Ambers were timely gifts from beloved Tartooful clients…. and so it goes, a new bracelet came together.

I have kept the silvers understated and slender, to allow the focus to stay on the beautiful range of colour in the glass, stone and amber beads.  I like the repeated shape of the silvers, as it gives a little rhythm to the bracelet.  As always, I have given the center of the bracelet to larger beads that set the tone, and have gently tapered the size of the beads to the tiny amber unique and the “peacock Pearl” at either end.

What are your Trollbeads today?



5 thoughts on “My Trollbeads Today

  1. Absolutely wonderful! Beautiful color combination – the ABs here are just off the chart amazing! I am so fond of the Family of Mushrooms. I also love the little dangles you have been showing – they add that little something extra!

    1. Thank you, LeAnn! I love love love this bracelet and will miss it when I take my bracelets apart for the upcoming design challenge! I don’t think I’ve ever had one design hang in there this long, and completely anticipate putting it back together again post challenge! This one might finally be a “keeper” for me.

  2. Beautiful! Your Azure Bubbles are out of the realm of reality they’re so unusual and gorgeous.
    Your bracelet designs have a glow of elegance about them. Lovely.

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