My Trollbeads Today…

photo 3 copy

Today the kids are heading back to school for Spring term… the sun is shining… trees are blooming in the garden… and my bracelet for today feels like the new season!

photo 2I just had to share this recent bracelet design, as I am enjoying wearing it so much.  I adore the softest shades of blue, from periwinkle to aqua.  This bracelet incorporates my deeper teals, but really celebrates the lighter blues that give me such joy.  Many of the beads on this design are very humble, but old favorites nonetheless – a couple of “Blue Deserts”, a “Silver Mountain”, a “Light Blue Shadow”… and then there are a couple of the celebrated, tiny new uniques that helped to refresh the whole design!

photo 1 copy

Clockwise from clasp:  “Magical Lamp”, “Etruscan” (retired), “New Unique 2014”, “Light Blue Shadow” (retired), “Neither Fish Nor Bird, Large” (retired), “Blue-Green Feather” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “King & Queen” (retired), “Chalcedony” (retired form), “Trinity”, “Silver Mountain”, “Christmas in Australia Limited Edition”, “Carved Flowers” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “New Unique 2014”, “Cells” (retired), “Deep Bubbles” (retired), “Sandi” (retired).

The brilliant, little, swirly bubble feels like a relative of the beloved “Azure Bubbles”, and my most recent addition is a very pale blue with what feels like mother of pearl patterning.  (Wonderful!) Many people ask about the bead that is at 5 o’ clock on the bracelet above… a celadon green bead with gold sparkle, it’s a very odd “Blue Desert” that I was delighted to discover.  However, in my opinion it’s the retired Chalcedony that steals the show… I love how it glows between the two dichroic glass beads.

What are your Trollbeads today?


4 thoughts on “My Trollbeads Today…

  1. Love this! I think the new unique with the opal-like patterning is just beautiful – really nice with Silver Mtn and the Chalcedony. I can see how you could wear this again and again:).

    1. I love that new unique pattern! It just came “out of the blue” and doesn’t seem to be connected with any other new designs – only comes in one colourway and size etc. It’s a fascinating design and I’d love to see Trollbeads expand on that approach, try it in different colours. Imagine it in shell pink and “Honey dawn” butter yellow…. or even just simple cream.

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