Trollbeads Inspiration: Clearly Brilliant

clarity9The Clarity Bracelet




noun: clarity

1.  the quality of being clear, in particular.


  • the quality of coherence and intelligibility.
  • the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.
  • the quality of being certain or definite.
  • the quality of transparency or purity.

clarity4Origin:  Middle English (in the sense ‘glory, divine splendor’): from Latin claritas, from clarus ‘clear.’ The current sense dates from the early 17th cent.

Clarus, Claritas…. Clarity.

clarity3Something about this bracelet just sang to me of clarity.  The decisive blue, the definite blacks, the clear and uncomplicated touches of white.  It’s not a blue that we play with often here at Tartooful – it’s too bold to play nicely with many of the other blues, and perhaps just a little predictable blended with purples?  (Aren’t we spoiled – I’m sure

clarity2it’s gorgeous but we do love to see unexpected combinations.)  This brilliant blue with crisp black and white feels very modern and… well, *clear*.  It’s worth noting that on this composition there are hardly any blue beads.  This strong of a blue doesn’t require very much to make its point.  One could create something similar with only

clarity6three, brightly coloured beads.  Imagine how clever to create a black and white, neutral envelope of a bracelet onto which one could add any three bright beads that caught one’s fancy!  The same silvers, blacks and whites, plus three flame orange.  Or remove the orange and add bright yellow instead.  Or perhaps lime green.  Oh – or hot pink!  The possibilities dazzle.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Black Silk”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Jewel Fairy Basslet”, “Unique”, “Black Silk”, “Transformation’, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Sahara Night Facet”, “Unique”, “Black Diamond”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Black Armadillo”, “Unique”, “Happy Fish”, “The Eye Bead”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”.


2 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Clearly Brilliant

  1. A really striking composition….I left you a phone message
    Happy st. patricks day keyboard still broken
    select caps and no punctuation

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