Trollbeads Inspiration: Quickening Earth


envy2There’s an charming, old fashioned expression for the time when an expectant Mother first feels her baby move.  It’s usually a very subtle sensation, the gentlest tickling or bubbly feeling.  However, when one feels it there’s no question that one’s pulse races, so perhaps it makes sense that it’s traditionally called “The Quickening”.

envy7This weekend Spring gently crept across Vancouver, and it felt like a quickening of the season.  After such a long hard winter we finally felt like the land came back to life.  The breeze was warm enough that the children were playing in the garden with bare arms.  There are now so many blossoms peeking out, and all the evergreens visibly preen in the sunshine.



envy5I realize that not everyone’s Spring has sprung quite yet… our friends across the continent are stills struggling with the last gasp of winter, but surely it’s not far off, now… and doesn’t this verdant design by Tartooful’s own Melanie make it feel real?  The rich, lively greens and warm, glowing golds feel like one of our West Coast cedars

envy4reaching up into the rays of the sun.  The emerald greens at the centre of the design set the tone for the entire bracelet.  The “Heart Chakra”, with its vibrant green and gold is really the inspiration for the entire composition.  It is paired with a lovely example of “Earth”, for a very strong design core.  Other touches of green come from a very

envy11olive toned “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Trinity”, with a glittering dichroic glass dots… a sparkling “Oasis” from the new Spring 2014 collection, and a pair of Kathy Perras artisan “Old Earth”.


Sunshine streams into this bracelet design with some nicely interspersed unique ambers and a few well chosen glass.  “Dewdrops”, for example, has a sunray look about it, and the light reflects beautifully off its silver core, making it appear to be illuminated from within.  The same is true of “Honey Dawn” which glows with an iridescent light.



Clockwise from clasp:  “Freya Lock”, “Nomad”, “Grey Prism”, “Oasis”, “Unique Amber”, “Harmony”, “Unique Amber”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Artisan”, “Honey Dawn”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Earth”, “Trinity”, “Heart Chakra”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Artisan”, “Flowers” (retired), “Unique Amber”, “Dewdrops”, “Unique Amber”, “Moroccan Cushion”.

Note how Melanie has chosen to complete the bracelet design with a pair of this collection’s silvers.  “Nomad” and “Moroccan Cushion” are quickly becoming favourites of mine as they balance so perfectly, while not being a boring pair of twins.  It’s a clever little wink of design…



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