Trollbeads Inspiration: HO’s Azure Aurora


heather8This bracelet belongs to one of our beloved Trollies, and when we saw it recently, we found it so inspiring we asked if we could share it with the readers of the blog.  Here we find a masterful combination:  she has managed to combine two of our favorite beads  – Azure Bubbles and the faceted Aurora in a gorgeous, tone-on-tone composition.


heather6To achieve harmony in this design HO has incorporated a wide range of shades from palest rose to deep lilac.  This allows both the milky iridescence of the  Faceted Aurora and the richer purple tones in her Azure bubbles to find homes on this bracelet.  In addition, taking her cue from the greyed green found in the Azure Bubbles, HO has

heather9utilized a natural olive tone as her complementary colour.  You’ll find touches of it in many of the beads on the bracelet, from the detailing on the uniques, to the patterning on the mosaic beads and of course the gorgeous Labradorite.   This thread of greyed olive gives the design a lovely sense of continuity and rhythm.

heather7It also adds interest and subtlety to what could otherwise possibly have felt predictable.  A couple of hints of slate blue complete the palette… seen here in a glittering Blue Desert but also found in a couple of uniques.  This further incorporates the various shades found in the Azure bubbles, and sets this bracelet apart.


I find compositions with two main colours much easier to design than ones with three or more – so I know how tricky it is to create a multi colour bracelet such as this one, that is so beautifully balanced.


All beads from HO’s private collection.  Clockwise from clasp:  “Stories of You Limited Edition Lock”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Blue Desert”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Angles Triangles” (retired), “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Labradorite”, “Three in One”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Pink Desert”, “Baby’s Breath Limited Edition”, “Faceted Aurora Limited Edition”, “Baby’s Breath Limited Edition”, “Amethyst Summer Stones Limited Edition”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Three in One”, “Purple Fusion” (retired), “Kathy Perras Artisan Bead”, “Classic Core Unique”, “Organic Hearts”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Blue Desert”, “Classic Core Unique”.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring composition with the readers of the blog, HO!C.

PS. We are expecting another shipment of “Stories of You” Starter bracelets, which include the Limited Edition Lock shown above, as well as the Faceted Aurora at the heart of this design… They are so beautiful, and great value.  If you still don’t have one to call your own, be sure to email us and reserve yours right away… 604.924.0122 or

5 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: HO’s Azure Aurora

  1. You’ve created a very beautiful bracelet HO!
    How did I miss out on those Baby’s Breath silver spacers?? They are right up my alley 😉

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely
    pictures and your kind comments.
    A good friend got the little spacers for me
    from down south….love them too

  3. I’m so glad I was able to get those baby breath spacers they are so pretty and delicate. Good friends are a wonderful thing to have, love your sense of colour and style HLO.

    What a series of lovely photos Cathy.

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