Change is Hard.


IMG_4593What a ride we have been on the last few years.  Together Cristi and I have had many adventures, and we’ve experienced huge changes in both of our lives.  So much learned, so much achieved.   After today, Cristi is going to be heading off for a new adventure with her quirky, underbitten hound Remi in tow… at least for now.


IMG_4589Cristi, thank you for all the friendship, hard work, inspiration, encouragement and laughter.  I’ve been honoured to become a part of your life… and look forward to seeing where you go, and what you do next.  You are beautiful, smart, and so caring.  I love you dearly, and already I can’t wait for our next project as a team together.  xo C.






5 thoughts on “Change is Hard.

  1. Awwwwww, so poignant! (sniff) I haven’t known Cristi nearly as long as you, Cathy but I share your sentiments…. Cristi, you have it all; beauty, brains, wit, sincerity, AND a Modern Dog!! 😉 I wish you nothing but the best and look forward to hearing about your new endeavors!!
    C&C, Love you both xo …. The gold endless says it all…

  2. Wow, I will certainly miss you Cristi so sad to hear this! However I wish you all the Success in your new Venture! Like the last comment with your beauty and brains and mostly your Amazing Customer Service you had
    provided for me All these years . This will take you to the top of the world. Always admired the relationship you had with Cathy You two are like sisters and work so well together! All the Best to You!

  3. Cathy’s blog entry and the above two comments really do cover it all, but I just wanted to add a giant “ditto” to those. I have no doubt that you will be successful and happy in whatever direction you point yourself, Cristi! I will miss popping in and catching up with you in the cool and creative gallery space. Upon meeting you I felt like we had been friends forever. You are so talented and charismatic…a real people person. Can’t wait to hear about what you do in future! Wishing you, Chris and Remi all the very best. I hope to see you again. Thanks for the great visits over the years, Michelle

  4. Cristi, I will miss your warmth and compassion, I will miss Remi’s greeting me as I come into the store. All the very best to you. Glad I was at the store to personally wish you so long, as we will see each other over coffee and donuts soon.
    Love. MaLa

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