Trollbeads Inspiration: Cristi’s Hellebore Bracelet

photo 1photos:  Margaret Church

IMG_4547Today I feature a bracelet that came out of Cristi’s and my Bead playdate last week… This bracelet is composed wholly of beads from her personal collection, but it’s an original combination that I have never seen her wear before.


IMG_4546Ordinarily I’m more attracted to the warm side of pinks… those pinks that lean towards the yellow side of the colour wheel, that hint at apricot and peach.  However, this bracelet schools me in the allure of cool pinks with a hint of blue, that whisper lilac.  Maybe it’s the contrasting warmth of the ivory that keeps it from being cold…

photo 2Photo:  Margaret Church

IMG_4544… But I think it may be that it reminds me of an old fashioned flower, the Helleborus Orientalis, or lenten rose.  I grew up in a garden that had a huge bed full of them.  My garden obsessed Mother planted them en masse over the course of many years, until they began to cross pollinate, creating countless new colours and forms.  Each Spring it was completely out of control gorgeous.  Cristi has recently fallen in love with these subtle beauties, and has started her own collection in her garden.  Perhaps it’s their plum pink, creamy bone and barely green palette that inspired her in this composition.

IMG_4542All beads from Criti’s personal collection.

7 thoughts on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Cristi’s Hellebore Bracelet

  1. For those of us like myself who are relatively new collectors, it would be wonderful if you would identify the beads used in all of your posts.
    This is a gorgeous bracelet and I agree that it reminds me of hellebores, one of my favorite flowers.

  2. This is too exciting!! Everyday I rush to the blog to look for “the bracelet of the day”, thinking that I’ve seen the prettiest bracelet EVER….. But you and Cristi just keep ramping things up and inspiring us with the most beautiful designs day after day. I LOVE this bracelet…. So warm, classy and feminine ~ just like it’s owner!! The unique between the art deco and the ??sparrow/chick is a stunner!! And it’s obvious that you inherited your mother’s photographic creativity, Cathy!

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