Trollbeads Inspiration: New Periwinkle


periwinkle4One of my new favorite beads is “Fountain of Life”, from the recently released Spring collection.  This sparkling little beauty will find its way onto a wide range of compositions in the coming weeks, as I can see it playing nicely with our beloved Azure bubbles, silver mountain, Labradorite, and so many others.

periwinkle2It is difficult to capture its gorgeous shade of blue accurately, but I’ve tried here with soft, North facing natural light.  It is a delicate shade of periwinkle.  This blue is named for the charming flower that bears the same color blossoms each Spring in our garden.

Vinca_minor,_2006-05-03This photo (Courtesy of Wikipedia) shows the low-growing, vigorous, ground cover vine that is so familiar in the Northwest.  It’s a treat in the garden as it happily rambles about the base of other prized plants with woody stems, such as roses and rhododendrons,

periwinkle3without damaging them.  It’s happy in their shade and is easy to neatly trim back at the edge of a lawn for a well manicured look.  It blooms effortlessly,  – sometimes twice a year – doesn’t need deadheading and I’ve never seen one struggling with aphids, black spot, leaf mold or other similar garden issues.  If only everything was so easy!

periwinkle6Periwinkle’s shade of blue hints towards lilac, rather than aqua… and consequently it plays very nicely with all sorts of pinks.  In this bracelet design Cristi added some fresh pinks:  a “Desert Rose”, “Pink Prism”, “Unique Ladybug” and one of the limited edition duo tone Armadillos that just arrived at Tartooful.


I particularly like the slightly complementary note of the warm pinks opposite the cool blue, it’s a wonderful combination that has always made my heart sing.  Note how well these “Fountain of Life” enhance the blue undertones of the “Aurora” series of beads… that would make an entire bracelet design all on its own!


clockwise from clasp:  “Sun Moon Stars Clasp”, “Aurora Stripe”, Fountain of Life”, “African Tortoise”, “Desert Rose”, “Snake”, “Pink Prism”, “Fountain of Life”, “Drops of Delight”, “Unique”, “Moonlight Bubbles”, “Nomad”, “Unique”, “Limited Edition Pink and Orange Armadillo”, “Jewel Fairy Basselet”, “Fountain of Life”.




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