Trollbeads Inspiration: Azure Madness


Over the past couple of years we’ve fallen in love with Azure Bubbles, and it now ranks right at the top of our favorite production beads…


…Apparently we’re not the only ones in love with this extraordinary design….

imgOver the past months we’ve been so impressed with the huge range of expression in this bead, with high contrast bubbles, areas of honeyed translucency and so many myriad colours and tones.  When we posted a yummy stack of these lovely beads on our facebook page recently we received an overwhelming response within minutes.

IMG_4262Today’s incredible bracelet is courtesy of one of our dear customers, LC, who has been similarly smitten with Azures, and has created an entire composition using almost exclusively this design.  It has the feel of our West Coast ocean about it, so she has enhanced that theme by using a water lock, and adding appropriate silvers.

Here you’ll find pairs of urchins and starfish, beautifully balancing the design and offering the eye a little rest in between the gorgeous array of Azure Bubbles.  In addition, she uses a “Spiral” opposite a “Waves” for a meditative note.


IMG_4265At the heart of the design LC has placed a most unusual “Pebbles”.  Most examples of this bead show a range of colour from plum to blue, but this one displays nearly no colour, with simply a fascinating silvery sheen and wonderful texture.  She frames this lovely bead with a pair of Limited Edition Summer Stones Dalmation Jaspers.

These are an excellent choice for this role:  subtle and organic, they enhance and complement without overwhelming.


Usually I’d list out all the beads used in the composition, but in this case it doesn’t feel necessary!  I think we all already recognize and love the beads above.

On a final note, we have placed a generous order for a wide range of Azures and will keep you all posted when they are at Tartooful – we love these beads as much as you do and can’t wait to see each batch as they arrive.  Stay tuned!




One thought on “Trollbeads Inspiration: Azure Madness

  1. This is a fabulous bracelet! The Azure Bubbles are just amazing. I tend to go for the darker tones, but this is really stunning! So soothing:).

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