Trollbeads Inspiration: Navy is the New Navy


new-navy3Does Navy ever really go out of style?  There cannot be any other colour that is perennially trotted out as being the fresh, new “it” colour soloution the way navy always seems to be.  You’ll find it paired with classic black right now…

new-navy-waveIn crisp nautical stripes of navy and white, or bone for Summer… and look for it with complementary tones of vicuna, chestnut or 80’s redux mustard for Autumn.  When the holidays hit, the most sophisticated sheaths this year were just one note

new-navy1off-black towards navy.  It’s really nothing new, it was a standard in my Mother’s classic wardrobe, and in my chic Grandmother’s before that.  It ought to be such a “buttoned down” colour – think navy business suits, militaria and school uniforms… isn’t it amazing that it somehow avoids being pidgeonholed as such and feels fresh each season?

new-navyStill Fresh.



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